Sharon Callahan is a writer, photographer, internationally recognized animal communication specialist and leading pioneer in the use of flower essences for the treatment of animals.

     Although Sharon's ability to communicate with animals has been with her from childhood, a near-death experience in 1987 enhanced her ability to communicate with animals telepathically, giving her a deep understanding of the role of animals in the spiritual lives of human beings. This experience led to the creation of the Anaflora flower essences for animals, the first flower essences made exclusively for the animal kingdom. Since that time Sharon has pioneered the use of flower essences in the treatment of animals. Her books on the topic are the first in their field. The Anaflora flower essences and essence formulas are now widely accepted and used by animal health care professionals throughout the world and are endorsed by veterinarians.

     In her work, Sharon combines her telepathic communication skills with an uncanny ability to select the appropriate healing essences for each animal. Connecting with the soul of the animal, she offers diagnostic insight, inspiration, and guidance. She draws on a repertoire of hundreds of flower essences which she makes herself in Mt. Shasta, California where she has lived for the past twenty-two years.

     Sharon brings to her practice a background in the human medical setting, including psychiatric clinics, the treatment of children with disabilities, grief therapy and suicide counseling. Today, her expertise in the fields of animal communication and flower essence therapy has gained the respect of individuals, animal welfare organizations, shelters, sanctuaries, flower essence professionals and veterinarians throughout the world. Her clients come to her largely by way of veterinary referral.

     Sharon is on staff with Bob Goldstein, V.M.D. as his staff animal communicator and has worked with him for the past three years in the clinical application of flower essences in his veterinary practice. Her work has been featured on both local and national radio and television.

     Sharon is available for consultations and telepathic communication sessions by phone, or in person to assist anyone puzzled by an animal's behavior, living with a seriously ill animal, deciding about euthanasia, grieving the loss of a beloved animal, or simply wanting to expand their understanding of the animals who share their life. She particularly enjoys working with elderly animals and assisting an animal in an illumined transition from this life. Sharon travels occasionally for workshops and conferences and enjoys sharing her story with others.


  • Healing Animals Naturally With Flower Essences and Intuitive Listening - 2001 Foreword by Michael Fox, D.V.M.


  • Animals as Teachers and Healers by Susan Chernak McElroy1997

  • Animals as Guides for the Soul By Susan Chernak McElroy1999

  • The Voice of the Infinite in the Small by Joanne Lauck 1998

  • A Second Chance" by Claire Mc Lennan-1998

  • You Can Communicate With Your Animals - Animal Communicators Tell You How" by Jeanine Adams - Fall 2000

  • Vibrational Healing for Animals by Sage Halloway -Summer 2000


  • Natural Pet Magazine -December 1995 & February 1996

  • Kindred Spirit Magazine - September 1997 & April 1997

  • Healthy Cat Magazine-April 1996

  • Alternative Medicine Magazine - 1998

  • Best Friends Magazine - November 1995 October 1995

  • Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Love of Animals Newsletter -contributing editor

  • Directions Magazine - quarterly column between 1994, 1998

  • Mount Shasta Magazine - contributing editor

  • LaJoie -frequent contributor since 1996

  • The Wellspring JournalSummer 1995 & Winter 1995

  • Crystal of Light - quarterly from September 1995 & September-1997

  • The Redding Record Searchlight -April 1998

  • The Mt. Shasta Herald August -1997

  • The Washington Post - March 1997

  • Heart Dance Summer - 1995

  • Species Link - frequent contributor since 1995

  • Animal Wellness Magazine- frequent contributor

For a complete list of published articles see Complete List of Published Articles by Sharon Callahan



  • Board of Directors Planetary Citizens, a non-profit organization dedicated to global awareness. Mt. Shasta, CA - 1990 to present

  • Board of Directors and Co-creator of the Animals and Spirituality Conferences -1996 to present.

  • Medical Advisory Board - The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN 1999 to present


  • Cascadian Society for the Study of Flower Essences 1995 Eugene, OR

  • Conference on Animals and Spirituality 1996

  • Conference on Animals and Spirituality - 1998

  • Delta Society Conference - 1998 Seattle, WA

  • Natural Animal Clinic - Redding CA Summer 1998

  • Kinship With All Life Conference, July 2000

  • Mt. Shasta Millennium Retreat, July 2000

  • Mt. Shasta Millennium Retreat 2001

  • Blessing of the Animals, All Souls Church in Manhattan Thanksgiving 2001

  • Rekindling the Gift, A Meditation Retreat For Veterinarians with Allen Schoen, D.V.M., Sharon Callahan and Purusha Ananda - Yachets, Oregon 2001

  • Rekindling the Gift, A Meditation Retreat For Animal Lovers with Allen Schoen, D.V.M., Sharon Callahan and Purusha Ananda Mt. Shasta, CA September 2001

  • Mt. Shasta Retreat With Erik Berglund, Sharon Callahan, Purusha Ananda and many others. July 20th through July 27th 2001 - Stewart Mineral Springs, Mt. Shasta, CA.


Sacred Spirit Retreat - A Meditation Retreat For Animal Lovers with Allen Schoen, D.V.M., Sharon Callahan, Purusha Ananda and other special guests September 20, 21, 22 2002, Mt. Shasta, CA.

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