"We are all capable of hearing the animals 'speak.'
We need only quiet our minds and emotions and find that still place within us. For when we find that still place within us we find God And where we find God, we find the animals. And finding the animals there in that still place with God, we find them not as projections of our own fears, thoughts and insecurities but as they really are . . .
Divine Companions capable of guiding our lives in the direction of Simplicity, Service, Love, Harmony and Beauty."

Sharon Callahan

     Sharon is author of Healing Animals Naturally, Sacred Spirit Publishing, 2000 and a column on animal communication that appears bi-monthly in Animal Wellness Magazine www.animalwellnessmagazine.com . She is contributing editor to Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein's Love of Animals Newsletter and has contributed articles to Mt. Shasta Magazine, Natural Pet, Healthy Cat, Alternative Healing, Kindred Spirit, Light of Consciousness, Best Friends Magazine, Species Link, Crystal of Light, LaJoie, The Rose Garden and Wellspring Journal. Sharon's work is the subject of the recently released Reflections of the Heart - What Our Animal Companions Tell Us, by Deborah Demoss Smith, Howell Book House. www.reflections-of-the-heart.com

Sharon's pioneering work with animals has been the topic of newspaper, magazine articles, radio and television for over a decade. The articles listed below have appeared in one or more of the publications listed above and are available upon request from the Anaflora office.

  • A Brief History of Flower Essences

  • A Sacred Approach to the Spay and Neuter Process

  • A Shift in Consciousness May Tip the Balance in the Flea & Tick Dilemma

  • Angel in a Box - The Gift of Life From an Abandoned Puppy

  • Animals and Planetary Awareness

  • Animals, Flower Essences and Spirituality

  • Animals: Guardians of the Divine Blueprint

  • Assisting the Aging Animal

  • Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity in Companion Animals

  • Barbara the Elephant Takes Flower Essences

  • Buddhism and Animals

  • Creating a Memorial Ceremony For Your Beloved Animal Companion

  • Cultivating a Force Field of Love

  • Feng Shui For Animals

  • Flower Essence 101 - How They Help Heal Our Animals

  • Flower Essence Therapy

  • Flower Essence Therapy For a Healthy Cat

  • Flower Essence Therapy For Animals

  • Flower Essences Merge Science and Spirit

  • Flowers, The Perfect Expression of Godís LoveWhen a Beloved Friend Dies

  • Forgiveness and the Immune System, a Dialogue with Susan Goldstein, Animal Nutrition Specialist

  • Healing Animals With Music

  • Healing Humanities Relationship with Animals

  • Hermione's Homecoming - A Lost Cat Tells of Her Whereabouts

  • How to Assist A Dying Animal

  • How to Deal With Your Emotions So That You Can Most Benefit a Dying Animal

  • Interview With Allen Schoen, D.V.M.

  • Interview with Bernie Siegel, M.D.

  • Interview With Julia Butterfly Hill

  • Interview with Mary Lou Randour, Ph.D.

  • Interview with Michael Fox, V.M.D., Ph.D.

  • Interview with Oxford Scholar Andrew Harvey

  • Interview with Rita Reynolds

  • Interview with Susan Chernak-McElroy

  • Isabella - A Little Fish Opens Hearts

  • Journey of the Heart - A Very Special Pig

  • Keys to Inter species Communication

  • Keys to Inter species Communication II

  • Lessons from a Zen Dog

  • Love Give Norton the Cat a New Lease on Life

  • Molly - How Therapy Helped a Therapy Dog

  • Obesity in Companion Animals

  • Pavarotti the Rooster - Something to Crow About

  • Pip the Poodle Gets Her Wish 

  • Sapphire - A blind Great Dane Gets Her Wish

  • Seneca - An Abused Dog Learns that Love is Forever

  • Separation Anxiety in Animals

  • Sunflower - A Little Cat With the Heart of a Lion

  • Tangie's Sacred Transition

  • Telepathic Communication and Flower Essence Therapy in the Treatment of Epilepsy in Dogs

  • Telepathic Communication With Animals

  • The Care and Feeding of an Animal's Soul

  • The Forgotten Angels

  • The Importance of the Now - Why Learning to Meditate Helps Animals

  • The Man Who Loved Mt. Shasta

  • The Ministry of Angels and Flowers

  • The Ministry of Animals

  • The Mt. Shasta Lemuria Connection

  • The New Millennium - The Age of The Heart

  • The Path Of True Service

  • Travel and Moving With Cats

  • Venus - An Icelandic Pony Teaches Lessons of Love and Trust

  • When It Comes to Your Animals Health , Check Yours Out Too!

  • When Your Animal Friend is Dying

  • Why Animals Suffer


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