By Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein


A Book Review and Interview with Sharon Callahan
From the December 2001 Issue of
Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein's Love of Animals Newsletter

Healing Animals Naturally With Flower Essences and Intuitive Listening
By Sharon Callahan, forewords by Dr. Michael Fox, and Susan Goldstein.

"It is love that heals and flower essences are carriers of love." Sharon Callahan

Four Decembers ago, we experienced the despair that comes with the difficulty of letting go. Our beloved Corgi, Annie, only seven years old, lingered for three weeks with a mysterious, un diagnosable disease, which at the end caused her to suffer.

Then an "angel of mercy" appeared in the night. Sharon Callahan, in an act of random kindness, called to comfort us and offer her services. Sharon coached us spiritually through Annie's passing. As a result, we discovered a lifelong friend, contributor and a new way of treating animals' emotional challenges.

We think Sharon's new book Healing Animals Naturally With Flower Essences and Intuitive Listening is worth of ranking near the top of an animal lovers Christmas gift list. Flower Essences, and ancient system of healing that was highly regarded in Egypt and other cultures, have undergone a revival. The modern renaissance began 70 years ago with Edward Bach, the English physician who created Bach Flower Remedies. The most well know of these is Rescue Remedy, which has been used widely over the past 50 years with wonderful results by professional and lay people alike.

We recently interviewed Sharon to learn more about her new book.

Q: Please tell our readers what benefits they can expect to see from reading your book and implementing your ideas and suggestions.

A: The intention of the book is to empower people to assist their animals directly and intuitively, something for which we all have a deep capacity. I feel that the most important aspect of animal communication is listening, and we can all learn to listen quietly to our animals and receive information from them about their state of well being. Through learning to be quite, we will simply know what they need in order for balance to be restored.

My hope is that people will use the flower essences intuitively rather than trying to make too much of a science out of it. It is really love that heals, and the flowers are simply carriers of love. For those who are more clinically minded, all of the essences are cross-referenced by symptom, so the book is an easy to use guide.

Q: In our veterinary practice, we treat many physical conditions brought on by holiday stress. These include diarrhea, vomiting, poor appetite, and personality changes such as depression, apathy, excessive sleep and anxiety. Our clients are searching for alternatives to tranquilizers and other mood-changing drugs often used for emotionally induced symptoms. Which of your remedies might you recommend for the holidays and for which conditions?

A: It is true that many people suffer terrible stress, loneliness and depression at the holidays trying to live up to some unrealistic ideal. This stress directly impacts our beloved animals. Although the holidays can be trying times, through the use of flower essences and other holistic treatments we can greatly reduce stress and create a peaceful and joyous atmosphere for our families, including the non-human members.

Of the Anaflora formulas, I would recommend Return to Joy for any animal new to the home who has come from a less than perfect background.

Special Stress formula can help shield your animal friend from your own stress. For yourself, this flower essences will help you avoid "catching" the holiday blues from those around you.

Tranquility formula is for the animal who is nervous by nature and needs a little extra help during the holiday season and other stressful times. Certain anxiety behaviors such as compulsive grooming, hair pulling, pacing, over-vocalizing, and hiding can add to holiday stress and make us feel like we want to pull our hair out, too! In such cases, use Special Stress and Tranquility together and take them yourself as well.

For dogs with an increase of licking, use the Lick Granuloma formula along with Tranquility and Special Stress. For an increase in aggressiveness, the Aggression formula would be appropriate in combination with any of the others.

Essence of Nature formula can be very helpful for the animal who must be confined indoors during the winter or when, because of company, the animal must be confined or left alone. If a new arrival will be joining your family this holiday season, us New Beginnings and Harmony formulas for optimum results.

As you mentioned, the loss of an animal, especially at the holidays, can be devastating. As well as our own suffering, other animals in the family may deeply grieve the loss. At such times, the Bereavement formula can be very helpful for all members of the family.

As you look through the book, trust your intuition, try the essences out and have a blessed and peaceful holiday season.

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