Visiting Sharon at her home in Mt. Shasta is an experience I will not soon forget and a wonderful culmination to the two years we have worked together over the phone smoothing things out with my animals, helping me to better understand their purpose in my life, and on occasion turning our attention to my unfolding path of Spirit. This is the way it was when I visited . . .

     Meeting me at the door is Lily, Sharon’s big beautiful tiger cat. She is very talkative. Close behind is Sharon, tiny and as loving as I imagined her to be. She reaches out to me in a loving embrace of the most genuine and heartfelt kind. I cannot express how touched I am by what I observe as I look over Sharon’s shoulder. It seems that she is not living in a home in the ordinary sense. She is living and working in a temple dedicated to the sacredness of animals and all of nature. Everywhere I look beautiful sacred images looked back. Images of Buddha with animals, St. Francis, Jesus, and sacred images from all different traditions. Things here are not as one would usually find them in a home…. the whole place is less like a home than a church. Spending several days with Sharon I can clearly see that this is not pretense at all, but rather the way she lives her life day by day.

     Whether early in the morning or in the evening the same scene touches my eyes and heart. Packages arrive at the door containing photos of ill and sometimes dying animals. All are opened with reverence and concern, some filed away tidily and others those of the most ill or dying find a place on a beautiful altar where candles burn perpetually and each creature is lovingly placed amongst all the others.

     We visit the flower essence room, a beautiful room created specially to hold the Anaflora flower essences which line the walls from floor to ceiling in tidy rows. The energy of the essences is palpable . . . so Powerful I have to step out occasionally. Sharon looks at me, scans her essence shelves and mixes a special blend for me. She then asks me about the cats and dog and mixes something for me to take home for each of them. Such love and attention goes into each bottle. As busy as she is Sharon touches and blesses each bottle before it leaves in the mail.

     And there is no television here. When not working with clients Sharon simply moves to her flower essence room to mix something up, or to the computer to put the finishing touches on an article about animals, or sits to play one of the many musical instruments that grace her surroundings. A few times during my visit we leave the house for a walk and I notice that Sharon’s shoes lined neatly by the door are a very different looking sort. When I question her about this, she tells me that she doesn’t wear or use leather and that she sticks to a vegetarian diet as well. She explains that if animals are going to trust her completely she must do nothing in her life to cause them harm.

     Sitting with Sharon I feel so accepted and so loved, something so much more important to me now that it has ever been, for you see I have cancer and each day is precious. Sharon gives me great comfort and peace not so much through what she says, but by the beauty of her presence sitting quietly with me. We talk about my husband and my beloved cats and dog and how they will do when I am no longer with them. Never do I feel pity from Sharon, but quiet strength and courage. She and I have talked together often enough that I know she, too, has been through the toughest lessons life has to offer. She understands and is not afraid, and so I am not afraid either.

     I leave feeling serene, peaceful and completely loved and accepted knowing that whatever life brings I have a true and caring friend.

Cora Bartholow
July 28, 1938 - October 2, 1998
Thank you Cora, for the integrity,
beauty, joy and compassion you brought to the world.

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