By Sharon Callahan

     In comparison to grown-up humans, animals respond especially well to flower essences. Their response is often immediate and sometimes borders on the miraculous. One reason this is true is because animals don't have a complex mental overlay to their functioning that gets in the way by questioning, doubting and ruminating. Another reason animals respond well to flower essences is simply because they are closer to flowers both physically and energetically than humans are. Flowers and animals work together harmoniously and oftentimes with greater results than flowers and humans. In many ways we humans have alienated ourselves from Earth and her ability to heal us, while animals have not.

     In my years of working with animals, I have found cats to be particularly responsive to flower essence therapy. Because a cats whole being is a subtle energy receptor, they are easily "thrown off" by the tiniest fluctuation of the energy in their personal environment. This includes the mood fluctuations of the humans in their family. By the same token, their subtle energy attunement makes them very receptive to re-alignment through the use of flower essences. I have found the consistent use of flower essences to be ( in addition to a natural diet and mega doses of love) the single most effective ingredient in improving the overall quality of a cat's life.

     I lived for several years at the Josephine Taylor Foundation, a private foundation for the study of subtle energy. Along with my own two cats, Lily and Shoji, the Foundation had four resident cats, Alice, Denis, Crowley and T'ing. These six kitties ranged in age from fourteen years to one year, and became my research team. Not only did they test many essences for me, but they became fascinated by the whole essence making process.

     Setting out in the morning on an essence making expedition near the house, or sometimes in the Foundation gardens themselves, I would be accompanied by my entourage of kitties. Lily, would often lead the way, somehow knowing what flowers we were after on any given day. With the help of the cats I would call in the over-lighting deva and ask permission and assistance in transferring the vibration of the flowers to the water. While the blossoms floated on the water's surface, the cats and I would do a meditation. Then we would spread out a bit, the cats basking in the summer sun while I made notes in my journal. After an hour or so most of the kitties would wander back to the house, but Lily always remained with me. She would sit and guard the essence bowl for hours knowing just when the essence transfer was completed and coming to let me know, always within the three to five hour required time.

     During this period I became aware of the profound relationship of cats and flowers. It became apparent to me that cats are intimately connected to the world of devas and fairies....those very beings who hold the archetypes of flowers, bring them into form and maintain their form during their short stay in the three dimensional realm. Because of their size, cats are face to face with many flowers and so have a natural rapport with them. On some sunny summer day, try getting down at cats-eye level and observing your garden to get a tiny taste of their perspective. The relationship of cats to flowers shows in their physical form as well. Look at a pansy or a violet and then look at the face of your cat! Stroke the pansy or violet and then stroke the face of your cat!

     Because of the diversity of activities and occurrences at the Foundation, I had countless opportunities to test essences on the cats in many different situations. I was continually amazed at the immediacy of their effectiveness and the profound levels of healing that occurred.

     Over a period of years the cats were treated with essences for an array of common physical disorders, as well as a wide range of mental and emotional disturbances. Because the Foundation was used on a regular basis by diverse groups doing meditation and various spiritual practices, the most interesting results were in the use of the more esoteric essences. These included Passion Flower for attunement to the Christ energy. Lotus for enhancing attunement to the energies of meditation; Queen Anne's Lace for assisting in the assimilation of psychic or spiritual energies without becoming hypersensitive and Peony for the allowance of the experience of ecstasy while humans are meditating.

     With the continued use of these essences, the cats transformed from states of agitation and nervousness to ones of joyful participation. They reached a point where they eagerly anticipated meditation evenings and other regularly scheduled spiritual gatherings. Lily and T'ing would be the first arrivals at these events and it was apparent to all that they achieved expanded states right along with the human participants. They were clearly attracted to the spiritual energies, as they were not at all interested in the many lectures, slide-shows and business meetings that also took place on a regular basis.

One year during the holidays, a multi-faith alter was set up in the meditation room. Regular evening meditations were held, and the cats would join in eagerly. As the energy increased over time, T'ing and Alice could be found napping on the alter itself, their bodies delicately entwined among the pictures and candle sticks. T''ing particularly enjoyed his spot behind a picture of Yogananda, while Alice preferred to nap between Jesus and Buddha. One evening a woman with cat allergies requested that we put the cats outdoors while the meditation was in session. They meowed, howled and clawed at the cat door for an entire hour. Needless to say the woman never came back, and the cats resumed their attendance at meditation.

     A friend told the story of a goat that insisted on attending lectures given by the Dalai Lama. The people in charge were quite embarrassed and tried to keep the goat away, but it kept escaping and entering the lecture hall. The Dalai Lama stopped everything and said that he recognized the goat as a reincarnation of a great Tibetan teacher and that he should be allowed to be present at the lectures. The goat was treated respectfully from then on. A story is told of another great Tibetan Lama who stopped in the middle of a teaching to attend to a dog. The dog sat transfixed as the Lama held out a finger to give him a blessing. If these great spiritual leaders recognize an animal's affinity for high ideals, should we not consider the higher aspirations of our animal companions? Do they not long for union with God just as we do?

     In my work, I am particularly fascinated by the affinity of many animals for the process of enlightenment and spiritual expansion and of the ability of flower essences to enhance the process. I firmly believe that animals come to us not only to be our companions and to teach us about unconditional love, but also to accelerate their own evolvement toward higher consciousness. It is no coincidence that a certain animal finds itself in the company of a human with an affinity for Christ Consciousness, or that another animal resides in a church, or another in a Buddhist monastery. I believe that animals seek to learn from humans about spirituality. Our responsibility in conscious relationship with an animal, requires us to assist them in every way that we can, and I have found no better way to enhance an animal's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being than with the use of flower essences.

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