By Sharon Callahan

     The great Indian Saint Ramakrishna once had a mother cat bring her three kittens and drop them one by one at his feet. He told his human devotes that the cats should be carefully watched over and treated with the utmost respect, since they had sought refuge with him just as they had. Ramakrishna knew that every creature seeks God and seeks shelter with the godly. He protected these cats throughout his life. When the mother cat lay dying he poured holy water from the Ganga into her mouth and repeated a sacred mantra.

     In the Aquarian Gospels many stories are told about Jesus and animals. In one story He severely admonishes a man for mistreating a cat. He picked up the cat affectionately, healed it and gave it to a widow woman to take home and care for. In another instance, Jesus admonished a man for teaching his dogs to hunt and kill. He told the man to teach them to save lives instead of killing.

     Saint Francis of Assisi gave sermons to the birds and other forest creatures who gathered at his feet drawn by his loving energy. Saint Francis spoke of "Brother Wolf" and " Sister Bird" treating all creatures as God's children.

     Animals are drawn to and uplifted by the same things that inspire human beings. They enjoy beautiful music, sacred imagery and the energy of prayer and meditation. At Anaflora we seek in all ways to promote awareness of the spiritual lives of animals and to assist all who are drawn to our word to seek the sacred in their own lives. By making our own lives sacred, our animals automatically benefit. We can then offer prayers and meditations for the upliftment of all animals everywhere. All of life is intimately connected. As we uplift our souls and the souls of our animal companions, to some degree the souls of all people and animals are uplifted.

     Anaflora offers flower essence formulas to enhance the spiritual lives of animals such as Return to Joy Formula, to clear animals of past trauma and abuse; Christ Consciousness Formula, to assist animals in attuning to the Christ energy; Expanded States Formula, to assist your animal companions when they are drawn to meditate and pray with you; and Transition Formula, for a sacred and meaningful transition from this life. Single essences such as Shasta Lily, Lotus, Fragrant Water Lily, Daffodil, Marsh Marigold, Purple Crocus, Peony and many others offer all animals the highest of spiritual frequencies providing them with the opportunity to join you in a life of Spirit.

"Each creature
is a witness to God's
power and omnipotence;
and its beauty is a witness to the 
Divine Wisdom...
Every creature participates
in the likeness of the 
Divine Essence."

St. Thomas Aquinas

"Every creature
becomes illumined by
the brightness of His light."

Francis of Assisi

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