EXPANDED STATES - Including Our Animal Companions In Our Personal Spiritual Practice

Anaflora Expanded States flower essence formula is appropriate for the animal who willingly joins you in meditation. Many animals are drawn to the energy of meditation and the thought forms of spiritual gatherings of various kinds. Your particular animal has chosen you on some level to assist in his spiritual unfoldment. By assisting him with flower essences you will enable him to more readily attune to the energies that are being created and assist him in experiencing ecstatic states along with you.

Many animals although drawn to the energy of meditation are over stimulated by the energy they receive at such times. The Expanded States flower essence formula allows animals to relax into the energies of meditation, prayer and other forms of spiritual worship, thus enabling them to achieve expanded states of consciousness along with you.

From the time I was a child I couldn't understand why animals were excluded from churches and spiritual gatherings. I was sure that God would have enjoyed the presence of animals, after all He was born in a stable surrounded by animals. As an adult, I have found that my animals have always enjoyed joining me in meditation and contemplation, particularly the cats!

I once lived at a private foundation which was home to six cats. We held regular meditation gatherings which the cats anticipated with great pleasure each week. They were often the first arrivals at these gathering and would take their places up at the front of the room near the altar where the energy was the most focused. Once a woman requested that the cats be put out side during the meditation. All six cats meowed and scratched at the cat door for an entire hour. Needless to say the woman never came back and the cats resumed their places at meditation evenings.

Companion animals are often in our lives to assist us in manifesting our full potential. When we pray or meditate, they know that we are doing something of great benefit for the development of our souls. They respond to this alignment and wish to be part of it. They also receive many blessings as well as learning to unite their energies with ours in an upward spiral toward the Divine.

"After talking with you and ordering your Expanded States Formula for animals I am now meditating with my cats each day and they thoroughly enjoy our time together. I feel as if I have a much deeper appreciation of their purpose in my life. Thank You."
M.S., N.Y.

"I used to shut my dog Shanti out of the house when I meditated, thinking he would be disruptive. He would scratch on the door the minute I got quiet. Until reading your article on Animals and Spirituality It never occurred to me that he wanted to join me! With your Expanded States flower essence formula he is in the room, and lies quietly as long as I am meditating."
J.M., Mill Valley, CA

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