By Sharon Callahan

     As an animal communication specialist I have learned a great deal about the desires of animals from the animals themselves. Most domestic animals such as dogs and cats, I have come to understand, consciously choose to become companion animals before they ever take physical form. From their willingness t draw closer to human beings as companion animals hey learn about love, emotion, service, civilization and spirituality.

     In addition to their own learning, many companion animals take incarnation to serve particular individuals by teaching them about joy and unconditional love. Sometimes an animal takes incarnation for the sole purpose of assisting an individual through a particularly difficult physical or emotional period of their life.

     Most animals communicate to me that they are relieved to be spayed or neutered, because their hormonal flows interfere with the ability to fulfill their purpose. It only very rarely that I communicate with a domestic animal who would purposely chose to procreate. Domestic animals who bear offspring usually do so because the human beings who have charge over them have failed to consider the possibility or importance of re-directing the animal's sexual energy towards higher purposes.

     The animal is seldom consulted on a soul level about her wishes and is left at the mercy of her biological instincts over which she has little or no control. In most cases we do our animals a great disservice when we fail to assist by spaying or neutering them.

     When we act responsibly and spay or neuter our animal companions they are freed to experience and learn about the higher aspects of love. All their energy is then available to fulfill the very purpose for which they have come to us. By being conscious with the animal during the actual spay/neuter process through meditation and prayer, we can transform the animal's released sexuality into the essence of sexuality at a spiritual level. We are then able to transfer the essence of the essence of this higher sexuality back to the animal.

     In this way the concept of the entire thought-form of sacred sexuality is transferred to the "soul of animal" and the while species is elevated. On some occasions, magical beings make use of animal bodies. In these cases spaying or neutering enables the being tom make better use of the vehicle it has chosen for its purpose.

     If approached in a sacred manner, the spay/neuter process becomes an alchemical process that has the potential of becoming the most profound and important element in your relationship with you animal friend. As his sexuality is released to its highest form, and as his full energy is focused on you and your life together with him, a sacred wedding takes place: a wedding of energies for a common purpose. If one contemplates the full significance and symbolism of this, it is awesome!

     It is much the same as sacred relationship between two human individuals in which the sexual energy is focused and contained within the sacred space of the relationship itself so that the energy generated has a vertical effect in which the two become one with God. From this place of alchemy we birth the Divine Child in the other.

     The only difference in sacred relationship with an animal is that it is we who must take responsibility for the re-direction of the animal's sexual energy - he cannot do it himself. From the highest perspective of spirit, every relationship is a sacred relationship From such a perspective we bear the responsibility of encouraging the highest potential in each being we encounter.

     I have found flower essence therapy invaluable in assisting this sacred approach to the spay/neuter process. By giving your animal appropriate essences and by taking the same essences yourself, a bond is created at the spiritual level. This spiritual bond acts as a catalyst for the development of the higher aspects of your relationship with the animals.

On the material plane, the essences facilitate rapid physical healing, reducing shock and restoring the balance of energy disturbed by the process. Animals given essences and treated in a sacred manner during the spay/neuter process seldom experience complications either physically or emotionally., because in a spiritual sense they are exalted by the process.

     Anaflora's Spay & Neuter formula in combination with Christ Consciousness Formula are wonderfully helpful. These essences should be started two to four weeks prior to surgery and continued a month afterward.

     In addition to flower essence therapy, beautiful music can serve to uplift the animal's spirit during and after the surgical procedure. Many holistic veterinarians will play the music of your choice during surgery if you make arrangements before hand. Something known to the animal is best - perhaps some sacred music that is a favorite of yours. Classical, new age, environmental, or Gregorian chanting are good choices. Consider the beautiful angelic harp music of Erik Berglund. He can be found on the Favorite Links Page.

     During the recovery period continue the flower essences and the music. Send the animal mental images of her beautiful blossoming sacred spirit. Feed her foods, supplements and herbs that nourish the light body and support spiritual as well as physical aspects of healing.

     Even when we love and cherish our animal companions as the sacred beings they are there is often still the impulse to let them have just one litter in hopes that others of their quality may be produced. At times the impulse to allow the animal to procreate arises from the same place of distortion in human thinking that encourages many women to have children for reasons that may not be in keeping with their soul purpose or potential.

     You are a very special and unique individual and your animal is very special and unique. You have miraculously incarnated at the same time to assist one another in developing the highest potential of your souls. The qualities you love about your precious animal companion are unique soul qualities, not genetic qualities and your animal's offspring may be nothing like him. Magical beings often travel in the guise of animals . . . it has nothing to do with breeding!

     For humane, behavioral, ethical and spiritual reasons it is best to spay and neuter companion animals. Your conscious participation in this profound process has cosmic consequences. It effects the soul potential of human beings and animals everywhere. We are all one, and what effects one in a positive and transformative way affects us all in kind.

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