BARBARA July 1997

     "I speak now as a single manifestation of the great ones you call Elephant. I have been sent as an emissary during this enormous time of planetary transformation to speak for those of my kind who have no voice, and for those who have gone on into the realms of White Love. When we are together nothing can separate us but the ropes and guns and greed of humankind. We care deeply for each other, and we move and breathe as one great gray and luminous heart center. I have seen one lost calf turn a whole herd wild with grief and rage. What one feels so do we all feel, and as much as we are attuned to one another we are attuned to the Great Mother Earth herself . . . Her pain, the scars upon Her body, the tears of Her great rivers as they attempt to remove impurities from her quivering form, the clouds of brown particles that surround Her glittering countenance impeding the in-flowing of the great central sun. It is true "an elephant never forgets" for we are the Earth's historians. Her biography cannot be separated from our own, for thus it was ordained from the beginning. We come to you now to raise your awareness of the great suffering of this beautiful Earth that we share. Her life hangs in the balance and the outcome is in your hands. She can become again the Eden of long ago - a paradise - or She can go the way of other planets of her kind, becoming dark, cold and lifeless orbs circling endlessly through the void of space.

     Our great wild brothers and sisters have failed to attract your attention, and so a few of us have volunteered to enter your civilization through the darkness of the circuses, wending our way into positions of influence and visibility to draw your attention once again to the suffering of mother Earth and all of life upon Her. Please listen. We have allowed ourselves to be torn from our mothers under-bellies, to endure indignity after indignity, to be swallowed up in the bowels of depression and despair all in hopes of finally being heard - not for our own suffering alone, but for the suffering of every sentient creature upon our Earth including those of your own species who live lives not unlike the most tragic of our own. Let us not be afraid. Let us love one another and let us midwife the birthing of a new and glorious Earth - a "second coming" - it is not too late."

TARRA July 1997

     "Life is a symphony with each living being contributing its own special note, without which the symphony looses its great depth and beauty. We the elephants, sound a deep note, a note so low that those of your species cannot hear it. It is the bass note in the symphony of life around which all other beings sing their own unique songs. We sing this deep note continuously to Mother Earth to balance, soothe and nurture Her. The great whales perform the same function for the oceans of the world sounding a note of very high frequency which balances and tones the oceans of the world.

     If one were to listen from space to the music of Earth one would hear the great low OM of the elephants overlaid with a multi-facetted and magnificent symphony of voices and notes of a splendor heard nowhere else in the universe. Captive elephants suffer a great depression from being robbed of their ability to sing their deep note. It takes five of us together in one place to create such a resonance and often in captivity we are forced into solitary living. We feel not only a personal deep sadness of unfulfilled purpose but more importantly the deep sadness of Earth herself as she struggles to shift into a higher frequency of being. In recent years there have been instance of elephants becoming enraged and killing their human keepers. This rage arises from a place of panic and urgency shared by elephants all over the Earth as our numbers are increasingly diminished at the hands of human beings. With increasingly fewer elephants we are less able to perform our Sacred Service ministering to Earth as we do constantly. This is what we are here for. Without elephants upon Her, Earth will not fare well. Please hear us. We speak not for ourselves alone but for Earth and all of life upon Her."

RUBY November 6th, 1998

     Ruby, an elephant at the Phoenix Zoo was euthanized Friday, November 6th 1998 after surgery to remove the dead fetus she was carrying.

     "Do not grieve for me. Today I rejoice with the angels it is my homecoming. I am being told that I did a good job on your side and that I am much needed here in the realms of spirit where I now reside. Do not grieve either for my unborn child, for we are here together and all is well. The child that I carried never meant to be birthed into your world. It's mission was simply to come for me and to take me home. Though I knew it was my time to return to the Realms of White Love I remained conflicted, torn between my responsibility on Earth and the angels voices calling me home.

     My "child," that great being inside of me oh how you get caught up in words and forms and labels. In a sense "my child" was my mother come to midwife me - birth me into the realms of spirit. Your word death has no meaning in our vocabulary of the Heart. In our language there is only birth and birth and birth again and again and again. Birth and becoming. Birth into the physical realm and birth again into the realm of Pure Love. On and on ever changing, ever new.

     I could do no more in my circumstance on your side. I am needed here where past, present and future blend into one magnificent NOW. Many have been called and will be called to be here where I AM. And although all is simultaneous and one, we have in some sense gone forward in time to prepare and bring into manifestation the New Earth the glorious and shining habitat of Earth in her exalted state. I will be back with your help as will many others of my kind and representatives of other species to walk the Earth once more in all Her glory.

     As we, from our perspective, hold the vision of Earth in Her perfect state, you too must do the same on your side, resisting all inclinations toward negative thinking and out-picturing. For as you think so you create and become. Hold only thoughts of perfect beauty. In your minds and hearts dwell only upon Love, Harmony and Beauty and a vision of a perfect world. As we hold that vision here in Spirit you must hold it on your side for it to become the reality as planned by the Creator. It is a kind of "push/pull" situation. We here push the holographic image of the perfect Earth towards manifestation in your dimension. As we do this you must pull with your thoughts of perfection perfectly synchronized with our own. In this way perfection becomes reality. Tell everyone who will listen about this "perfection principal." Time is of the essence. Perfection is possible. Do not grieve. Do not be sad. Make your life, your thoughts, as perfect a reflection of the Divine perfection as you can. Together we well create a perfect world.

     I am well and free of the pain and suffering of the world as you know it, and my child, my mother, my friend, is well and perfect too. We are here with all the others who have come before us. It is a great reunion."

     The one who named me Ruby long ago new something of my nature and my ministry, though perhaps on an unconscious level. [Sharon], look up the significance of the stone ruby to understand more fully. Good bye for now. Love one another and forgive. All is well.

     Within hours of receiving this message from Ruby I went to a bookstore to research the significance of "ruby" and here is what I found:

     "Ruby represents light in the darkness and the rise from martyrdom. The vibration of ruby assists in conveying understanding and control of the role of action of the mental state upon the physical reality. Ruby represents the conquering of darkness on all levels, expansive awareness and manifestation of perfection. Ruby is called the "Star of Purity" initiating action and assisting the Earth in receiving the full spectrum of light required for the progression of humanity toward the access of the spiral leading to enlightenment. Rubies are "record keepers" [as are the elephants] containing knowledge from the ancient realms of civilization and awaiting the opportunity to share the knowledge. Ruby is the stone of nobility. It has the capacity to gather and amplify energy improving ones success in controversies and disputes. It can be worn as a shielding stone, protecting on all levels and safeguarding one's consciousness from psychic attack. From Melody's: Love is in the Earth."

     Ruby instructed me to make a vibrational essence from a ruby and to give it to Barbara, Tarra, Jenny and any other elephants I can get it to.

     Barbara's story and her words appear in Susan Chernak McElroys book: "Animals as Guides for the Soul." For an Interview with Susan Chernak McElroy see the article by the same name.

     For Barbara's story see the case study Barbara Takes Flower Essences.

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