By Sharon Callahan

     Imagine that plants are a vibrational pattern of sound and that each plant expresses itself as a unique and different note. Then you will recognize a Yellow Rose by the similarity of its note to that of other Yellow Roses, while the sound of a California Poppy and the sound of a Buttercup will be beautifully different.

     Although most of us do not "hear" Roses and Buttercups, we are aware of their different colors, shapes, fragrances and of the different feelings they elicit in us. Our consciousness is affected differently by a rose than by a cabbage and a violet growing on the moist floor of a forest elicits a different emotional response than does the blossom of a lone Prickly Pear Cactus in the heat of the desert. It is these unique qualities, from the physical differences to the differences in subtle energy, which are used to create a flower essence.

     Flower essences are tinctures of liquid consciousness. Stored within them, is life force shaped into a particular pattern. It is the energetic pattern underlying the difference between a Water Lily and a Sunflower, a seashell and a river rock. When we make a flower essence, then, we are literally "lifting" the pattern of vibration of that plant and storing it for future use. To state it in a simple way, we could say that a flower essence is the energetic imprint of the life force of a particular plant.

     To make a flower essence, flowers of a particular species are floated on the surface of a crystal bowl of pure spring water in the sunlight for several hours. Flowers (the most potent part of the plant) are picked at the height of their bloom in the early morning from pristine areas or organic gardens.

     The person making the essence interacts with the nature spirits and over-lighting deva of the area, asking permission and assistance in transferring the vibration of the blossoms to the water. The attitude of the person making the essence is an important ingredient. One usually meditates with the flowers and maintains a spiritual focus as the essence is being made.

     The flowers remain on the surface of the water for three hours or more in the location where they were picked. The subtle effects of sunlight charge the water with an energetic imprint of the flower's vibrational signature or pattern. The flowers are then gently removed from the water. The liquid is strained and preserved with brandy. This is called the Mother Essence.

     The Mother Essence is diluted and potentized several times before being used for treatment. Succussion, shaking forcefully, and the use of pyramids are the most common forms of potentization. The bottle containing the Mother Essence is then carefully stored. It lasts indefinitely with proper care. Although all flower essences tend to look and smell the same, they all have different ways of interacting with the human body, mind, emotions and spirit.

     To understand how flower essences work, we must view the living world as something that extends beyond our usual concepts of a solid, limited, three dimensional reality. For this purpose it is more useful to think of a human or animal as a multi-dimensional being comprised of three inter-mingled energy bodies. These three bodies are the emotional, mental and physical.

     Each of these bodies is infused with Life Force or Spirit. A disharmony in any one of these bodies creates the potential for disease. Only when there is a balance or equilibrium in each of these three dimensions can the body do its job properly and allow that being to progress in all aspects of its destiny.

     A particular essence may work primarily on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. When it enters the physical body, usually orally, it gives off a pure harmonious frequency. The aspect in the human being or animal that is out of harmony is drawn to this healthy frequency and begins to vibrate in harmony with it.

     In essence, this is the principle of resonance which we learned in high school physics. Do you remember the demonstration of striking a tuning fork at one end of the room while another tuning fork, at rest, at the other end of the room would begin to vibrate in harmony with it?

     In the words of Dr. Edward Bach: "The action of the flower essences raise the vibration of the being and open up channels for the reception of the Spiritual Self. They cure not by attacking disease, but by flooding the being with the particular virtue needed and to wash out that which is causing harm. They are able, like beautiful music or any glorious uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures. They provide creative patterns of harmony that bring us nearer to our souls and by that very act bring us peace and relieve suffering. They cure by flooding the body with the beautiful vibrations of the Highest who's presence, there is the opportunity for disease to melt away like snow in the sunshine."

     Flower Essence Therapy is not new. The Australian Aboriginals have always used flowers to heal the emotions as did the Ancient Egyptians. Paracelsus in the 15th century wrote about how he collected dew from flowering plants, diluted it and used the liquid to treat imbalances. The use of essences for healing was re-discovered by Dr. Edward Bach sixty years ago through the use of English flowering plants.

     Flower Essence Therapy is part of the newly emerging field of Energy Medicine in the Western World. When addressing issues of illness and health, this system of medicine incorporates information about the mind, emotions, and the spirit, thus treating the whole being.

     It may be unsettling to some that there is no scientific explanation of how flower essences assist the healing process. It is well to keep in mind however, that acupuncture, a Chinese medical treatment, is successful in healing a wide spectrum of health concerns. Until recently acupuncture suffered ridicule and dismissal by the conventional medical establishment. Through research and better understanding, it is now widely accepted as a most useful addition to standard medical treatment even though it still cannot be fully explained in scientific terms.

     Flower essences have been researched and used successfully now for over fifty years. Flower Essence Therapy is able to create a return to balance and health although, as with acupuncture, there is yet lacking a detailed scientific explanation of how it works. It is the quality and numbers of successful treatments that are the highest recommendation for Flower Essence Therapy.

     Flower essences are fast becoming a valuable tool in complementary medicine as we begin to realize that each human being and animal is a multifaceted, complex web of vibrating energy as well as a physical form. New diagnostic equipment will soon make it easier to test and prove the clinical validity of these remedies. In the meanwhile, let us use our intuitive abilities to listen to the "language of the flowers."

     " As man becomes increasingly sensitive he will begin to interpret the language of the flowers, for the more spiritual man becomes the more completely does every object of his outer environment speak symbolically of his inner life and to the unfoldment of his spiritual powers."
Corinne Heline

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