In the Sufi tradition, it is said:
“ if you have the gift of sound you need no other,
for the world becomes a living mantra.” 

By Sharon Callahan
(Reprinted from an article in Directions Magazine Summer 1996)

     The universe and all of its parts, including the body of man, is constructed through the power of rhythmic vibration. Everything in life is speaking, is audible, in spite of its apparent silence; an echo of that first musical outpouring when God said: "Let There Be Light." Each and every thing is pulsating, and through that rhythmic pulsation, is sounding its own unique note in the symphony of life . . . each thing, and each creature, giving forth its own unique message. Some of the sounds of life are like background music, soft and almost inaudible. At other times the message is very specific, as in the message of flowers. 

     Each flower family sings of a particular quality or attribute to be awakened within the human soul as it journeys through its earthly incarnations back to those realms of sound and light from which it came. An angel watches over every flower family, giving voice to the particular attribute represented within each. When we interact with a particular flower, adding it’s song to our own, a duet is created where before there was only a solo. Each persons duet with a particular flower will be uniquely individual to that person and plant and the possibility for expansion and healing present in that particular moment in time. Flowers are a medium of contact between the angels and those who live upon the earth. Angels being messengers of God and flowers the messengers of the angels. Each flower is a mantra from heaven, a message . . .

from God to angel . . . 
from angel to flower . . . 
from flower to man.

     When we take a flower essence (a tincture that captures the divine imprint of the flowers vibrational signature) we flood our being with a heavenly mantra that has the power to harmonize negativity and raise our consciousness an octave or many octaves. As we raise ourselves in vibration and consciousness, all of humanity, as well as all of the other inhabitants of Earth, and Earth herself are raised too. This happens in the same way that the quality of an entire symphony is raised by the perfection of one of it’s members. The plants, flowers being the highest state of the plants expression, are eagerly awaiting our participation with them in the restoration of the Divine Plan for planet Earth.

     Although the healing effects of flower essences are becoming more widely accepted by the general population, many people are only acquainted with them as a quick fix for situations of stress and trauma. Although flower essences are effective at relieving stress and trauma, they are very much more than just a kind of etheric aspirin.

     Flower essences offer us a means of getting back into a constructive, co-operative, co-creative relationship with the energies of plants and trees and with Nature herself. If one considers the state of Earth today, the vital importance of such a relationship becomes obvious. By taking a flower essence and by opening ourselves through meditation, we can access information about the entire life stream intelligence of that particular plant. This information gives us an intimate understanding of the plant as a living being and reveals to us the healing and spiritual gifts it has to share with us. In this new time flowers will become our teachers just as they were in the time of Lemuria and we will once again use the power of plants not only for physical healing but to enhance and accelerate Many people feel separated from nature and see nature as something apart from and inferior to themselves, but this is the old form and it is falling away. Many of us are re-awakening to the magnificence of nature and of our oneness with Her. In addition, those on a spiritual path, are re-awakening to the knowledge that the spiritual and medicinal properties stored in flowers are one of the great keys to their spiritual unfoldment and participation in the Divine Plan for Earth. 

     We are in a New Age of Consciousness. At present, there is a resurgence of interest in flower essence research and the use of flower essences. This is happening because the time is approaching for flower essences to be elevated to their destined role as one of the most important of the major systems of healing. The time is here for the flowers to heal us and assist us in raising our consciousness and our frequency. Native American prophecy has referred to this time as the AGE OF FLOWERS. Because flower essences heal and attune us on a vibrational level, they are the perfect medicine for our time. They are gentle, non-invasive and they get quickly to the heart of our issues creating balance, well being and health. Flower essences nourish the heart and the light body and they bring balance to the energy body where wellness begins. Flower essences can broaden the frequency responses of the mind and heart enabling us to keep pace with the rapid spiritual expansion now taking place. Each species of flower is awaiting our receptivity to its particular “song,” its part in creating the harmony necessary to enable us to attain a higher octave of spiritual expression. They help us in riding the leading edge of the new wave of consciousness. With flower essences we are assisted in attuning to and holding the frequency of ecstasy.

"Each species of flower was fashioned by the angels
to represents some particular quality or attribute to be
awakened in the soul of men and other animals.

Flowers are literally a medium of contact 
between the Shining Ones. . .
and those who live upon the earth.
When understood . . .the flowers
are among Earth's most sublime teachers.
The flowers 'sing' to us
the message of the angels.In Flowerland the whispers of heaven
may become audible to the children of men;
for the heavenly hosts, too,
have a way of "saying it with flowers."
Corinne Heline
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