Cat's Ear or Star Tulip: Calochortus elegans


By Sharon Callahan

     Cat's Ears, or Star Tulip, is a member of the Lily family native to Southern Oregon and Northern California. Cat's Ears received its name from the fact that it's petals are grey, and furry like kitten's ears. When viewed from the top it resembles a star as do other members of the lily family.

     The color grey, when it appears in an herb, indicates that there is an element of loneness in the emotional make-up of the plant (like Sagebrush). Cat's Ears is a mystical plant. It represents the unfolding of the mystical path, presenting the picture of one who turns away from the world to listen to the voice of a higher world. When taken as a flower essence, it facilitates the development of inner awareness and the quickening of the spiritual life (no living being lacks a spiritual life). Cat's Ears often allows an animal to integrate past life experience in ways that facilitate a lessening of fear and trauma so that the soul can move forward in the current life time unencumbered. It allows for a distancing from the more negative aspects of group soul or life stream consciousness as well, so that the animal is less likely to to be swept away in group panic or hysterical states.

     Cat's Ears represents the "vesica picies" or threshold between worlds. Cat's Ears is a remedy that not only cultivates an awareness of the other world, but treats the loneliness of one who travels there. Its use is indicated for individuals who need to bring something into the world or leave the "regular" world for something else. Cat's Ears is of assistance for those who have difficulty readjusting to life after a near death or otherwise prompted mystical experience. It can be very useful in the treatment disassociative states and epilepsy in both humans and animals.

     Cat's Ears is helpful with animals who seem to retreat into another world as a result of abuse, neglect or abandonment. It has proven immensely useful in the treatment of captive or injured wild birds. Birds live between heaven and earth and easily leave their bodies during shock or trauma. Administering Cat's Ears will often bring them back if it is in their soul's highest interest to do so. It is helpful for human beings and animals on the threshold of death. It assists the soul in making the decision to stay or to leave and often alleviates a prolonged and uncomfortable death. Cat's Ears is the most effective when taken as an essence in homeopathic dilution. Combining it with other essences seems to lessen the effect. Cat's Ear is a lonely plant, that treats conditions of loneliness, and prefers to be taken alone.

     When looking for medicinal herbs and flowers in nature, please have reverence for the fragile, sacred landscape and never disturb plants growing in environmentally fragile locations. Keep in mind that one of the most powerful ways to receive the healing and spiritual benefits of flowers and herbs is to simply sit with them in the location in which they grow in nature. In this way you not only absorb the healing vibration of the plants themselves, but you benefit from absorbing the energies of the environment in which they live and from which they draw their healing signature.

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