WHITE LILY: Madonna Lily, Easter Lily and Shasta Lily

By Sharon Callahan

     According to ancient Christian legend, the first Lily sprang from the tears of Eve as she went from Eden. The White Lily has for centuries been associated with the idea of the pure and resurrected soul and carries the energy of the Virgin Mary. When Doubting Thomas insisted that Mary's tomb be opened to see if she had been resurrected, he found it was filled only with beautiful roses and white lilies. The Lily is always used to decorate the altar of the Virgin Mary. The crucifix twined with the Madonna Lily signifies devotion and purity of heart.

     Madonna Lily has been used medicinally from the most ancient times as a cleanser of the female genital tract. It is known to remove cysts from breasts, ovaries and uterus. It has also traditionally been used to treat acne. Many times Lily effects a corresponding change in attitude, bringing about a reconciliation between the ideal and reality in life. As Lily cleans the organs of physical generation, it cleans the corresponding organs of spiritual generation. Lily is a symbol for the juxtaposition of opposites. As long as we live by ideals alone we do not provide an opening for the higher life. It is only by reconciling purity of motive with the seeming contradiction of human existence that we will create a receptacle into which the Divine Presence can descend.

     Within the structure of Lily herself, the union of opposites is portrayed. The white, luminous petals embody the ideal of purity, while the sexual parts of the flower display themselves in an obvious, flamboyant fashion protruding beyond the ends of the petals. Lily presents itself as the opposites of purity and sexuality perfectly and harmoniously united. Lily challenges us to be totally receptive to the conditions of human existence. Only then can we open to the true life of Spirit. In my opinion, we ascend only as much as we have the power and the courage to descend and to accept fully our human-ness and all that it implies. Just think what a flower has to go through to endure the darkness of the cold ground throughout the winter. It then it has to break through the surface of the earth, survive the wind and cold of early spring and let the sun crack open its hard shell. All this before it can bask in the true glory of its being.

     This merging fully with the body is an essential component in the process of ascension. "We are here on Earth to leave nothing out of God, to recognize, honor and love everything as God. We are here to experience spirit as matter, matter as spirit." Lily, when taken as an essence, can assist in the process of ascension by introducing into our systems the archetypal blueprint of the merger of heaven and earth. In this way we are invested with the qualities necessary to lift ourselves and Earth into the light.

     Shasta Lily is a very special form of White Lily. Mt. Shasta itself, gives forth a high spiritual vibration which intensifies the qualities of Lily and adds to the Mary vibration the vibration of Jesus. Jesus is portrayed as the reconciliation of the human and the Divine in one nature, and so with Shasta Lily all of the qualities of White Lily are further intensified. Is it any surprise that here on Mt. Shasta herself grows a most magnificent flower perfectly symbolizing the true qualities of ascension?

     And yes, Lily is a wonderful essence for animals. Lily will enable an animal to freely receive the energies of Mary, just as Passion Flower enables them to attune to the energy of Jesus. I have found Lily to be especially effective for dogs and cats during the spay/neuter process. By assisting animals with essence of Lily and by meditation, you can transform the animals released sexuality into the essence of sexuality at a spiritual level and then transfer the vibration of this higher sexuality back to the animal. The entire thought form of sacred sexuality can then be transferred to the Soul of Animal. Its sexuality released in this way, the animal is freed from the distractions of its hormonal flows and is able to focus all of its energy on the very purpose for which it has come to earth; to be your spiritual companion on the Path.

For more information on the spay/neuter process see the article "A Sacred Approach to the Spay and Neuter Process."

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