Halle' is seven years old and was born in Alaska where she has grown up in intimate contact with nature. She has an unusual capacity to communicate with animals and to understand their feelings, needs and unique purposes. She is acutely aware of animal suffering and the way it interferes with an animal's ability to do "their job" for the earth and to fulfill their purpose in our lives as companions and teachers. She is deeply attuned to the plant kingdom as well. The plants and the fairies speak to her, offering their energies to be used for the healing of the animal kingdom.

     Halle' took an immediate interest in flower essences, quickly understanding the concept of their preparation. She has begun making essences and sending them to Anaflora "to help make the animals feel better." We are testing Halle's essences and so far the results are impressive!

     Sometimes her cats "Paws" and "Reiley" tell her which flowers to use. Halle' "says prayers over the flowers, blessing them for helping the animals blessing the fairies and angels who watch over the flowers - blessing the earth -blessing the animals and blessing Anaflora for testing the essences." Halle' "talks to the flowers" asking them how they can help animals. Her own definitions appear below.

     Halle' has no formal knowledge of flower essences and yet her definitions of "what the flowers do" are strikingly similar to definitions arrived at by adult "specialists" who have studied and tested essences for many decades. These flower essences are of an extraordinarily high vibrational quality and are imbued with a deep desire to help animals so "they don't have to hurt anymore."

Halle''s flowers are listed below:

ARCTIC BLUEBELL: helps animals during delivery. Helps babies get ready for life on Earth. (This essence was made with help from Reiley the cat.)

ARCTIC DOGWOOD: for animals who feel alone and maybe afraid to love people. Arctic Dogwood helps them believe in a higher power to help them. It helps a dog's skin.

ARCTIC WILD ROSE (made on the Summer Solstice 1999): helps animals find happiness and love through doing things they like to do.

BEDSTRAW: for soul darkness and trouble at bedtime, like fear and bedwetting. Will help with urinary tract crystals in cats and sores on the skin in dogs and cats.

CINDERELLA: helps animals find their job and find happiness in doing their job.

HAWKWEED (selected by Reiley the cat): helps "new" animals and people not used to being on the earth; feeling a bit afraid and uncertain how to "be."

JACOB'S LADDER: helps dogs and cats with epilepsy. It is helpful for head injuries, head aches, tooth aches and dizziness.

LIVINGSTON DAISY: brings light to the cells of the body and to the soul of the animal.

MASTODON FLOWER: holds the earth records. Is good for passing on memory from mothers to babies before birth and for learning new things, following directions and remembering lessons.

PURPLE PEAVINE: is helpful for pregnant animals and new baby animals.

Order Halle's Special Flower Essences

If you would like to order any of Halle's essences you can type the names of the flowers desired into the comments section of the secure order form. The prices are the same as other single Anaflora essences.

More Photos of Halle'

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