by Sharon Callahan
This article appeared in the April 1996 issue of Healthy Cat Magazine.

     Many people believe that cats are merely creatures of habit finding security in ritual and mundane scenarios, becoming nervous and neurotic at the very whiff of change. Although this may be true to a certain extent, the greater reason for a cat's sensitivity is its keen perception of changes in subtle energy. A cat's entire being is a subtle energy receptor. It is like a finely crafted, highly sensitive musical instrument that is easily "thrown out of tune" by the slightest fluctuation of energy in its personal environment. including changes of energy created by the mood fluctuations of the humans it lives with.

     Those of you who have cats know how much fuss there can be over something as seemingly insignificant as a slight rearrangement of the furniture. From the cat's point of view this is perfectly understandable. Every object gives off energy, and configurations of objects give of a particular energy dynamic. When objects are moved, the whole energy dynamic is changed. A cat feels this change of energy and often needs a considerable length of time to re-attune itself to the new arrangement of energy. In the same way, if your cat is used to your sunny upbeat personality and you suddenly take a nose-dive into depression, she will sense this change as well, perhaps becoming worried and depressed herself, or frightened of the unfamiliar energy she is experiencing.

     The good news is that a cat's subtle energy attunement, as well as making her super sensitive to change, makes her very responsive to re-alignment through the use of flower essences. Flower essences heal by presenting to the soul a vibrational reminder of its highest potential. Because of a cats subtle energy attunement, and because its nature is very psychic and spiritual, its entire system naturally and quickly rises to the highest energy presented. By administering flower essences to a distressed or ailing cat we flood her nature with the particular positive virtue required - Wild Rose for love of life, Red Clover for calmness, Tiger Lily for harmony and peacefulness in relationship to other animals and so on. In the presence of the positive quality, disharmony melts away "as snow in sunshine" and the cat is soon back on an even keel again. Having treated a wide range of domestic and wild animals with flower essences over the years, I have found cats to be my most successful and responsive patients.

     Cats have a natural and instinctive relationship with flowers. Because of their size, outdoor cats are face to face with many flowers and so have a natural relationship with them. Try exploring your garden from cat's eye level and you will see what I mean. A cat's relationship with flowers is reflected in its physical form as well. Look at a pansy or a violet and then look at the face of your cat. The face of the pansy, the violet and the cat feel the same too . . . soft and velvety. Cats are intimately connected to the world of angels, devas and fairies - those very beings who hold the archetypes of flowers, bring them into form and maintain that form during the flower's short stay in the three dimensional world. Cats adore flower gardens. Besides the fun they have interacting with nature spirits, when out of balance they instinctively seek out flowering plants that re-align their delicate energy systems.

     For several years I lived at a private foundation with a large, natural flower garden. There were six cats living at the foundation and they became my flower essence research team. Besides having the cats test many flower essences for me, I was able to observe them as they enjoyed the foundation gardens. Over time it became obvious to me that they were quite aware of the healing properties of flowers.

     During the summer months when the foundation was at the peak of its season with many groups of people coming and going Blossom, a very nervous and shy cat, would spend her days napping in the farthest reaches of the flower garden. She would alternate between her two favorite spots: the shade of a large lavender bush, and the edge of the fish pond where a profusion of water violets grew. In the language of flowers, Lavender balances nervousness and over stimulation and water violets ease profound shyness. Dennis, a somber cat of fourteen years, would spend his time in the Zinnias. Essence of Zinnia is known to encourage the blossoming of a joyful inner child. Once when my own cat Shoji grieved for me during a long absence, he could be found each afternoon napping beneath a Bleeding Heart plant or resting among the wild pansies which are often called Heartsease. For cats that live strictly indoors and cannot seek out healing plants and flowers on their own, the value of flower essence therapy becomes obvious.

     In over thirty years of communicating telepathically with animals, I have become convinced of the profound relationship of animals and flowers and of the immense value of flower essence therapy in promoting an animal's health. All animals benefit greatly from flower essence therapy, but particularly house cats and others animals kept indoors.

     In my work I often encounter animals who have never seen a flower, or had their feet touch the surface of the earth. Pet rabbits, ferrets, birds, mice, lizards, turtles, snakes and house cats are often suffering from nature depravation. I once talked with a great white parrot of advanced years who had never had his feet around the branches of a living tree and had never laid eyes on a flower, other than a sad bouquet or two across the room on his mistresses writing table! Many house cats live out their years only glimpsing flowers through panes of glass. By adding flower essences to our animal's water we introduce into their system bouquets of healing, soul nurturing energies. Since flower essences are made by sunlight infusion, we are also supplying our animals with another commonly missing component of health . . . sunlight! If it is impossible to offer our animals the actual experience of nature, shouldn't we offer them the next best thing - the essence of flowers and sunlight? !

     As well as helping our feline companions adjust their energy systems to changes in the environment, sensitively chosen flower essences play an important role in physical healing. They address aspects of healing that are not normally considered in standard diagnosis, but that often hold the key to physical recovery because they treat the causative factor rather than physical symptoms. Fear, depression, subservience, envy, jealousy, self recrimination, guilt, intolerance, rigidity of attitude, apathy and bereavement can each undermine the health of our animals and stand in the way of physical healing. Flower essences establish equipoise between the animal's soul, mind and body. Because emotional upsets often retard physical healing, the correcting of the negative emotional states by means of specifically related flowers allows the animal's physical body to progress accordingly. This aspect of the healing process is especially critical for cats because of their extra level of sensitivity.

     To select the appropriate essences for your cat, it is necessary to put aside your own feelings and concerns and accurately interpret the cat's emotions. If for example you are upset with your cat because of her aggression towards a newly arrived animal or human being, you may feel the behavior is due to spite and meanness. If you can set aside your own perceptions, you may find that her underlying emotion is, instead, fear. Look through her eyes and pinpoint the source of the fear. You then have the information you need to accurately prescribe a flower essence or combination of essences. The fear that there is not enough love to go around, is a common one in multi-pet households. This fear alone contributes to many behavior problems and physical illnesses in animals in general and cats in particular. Among the Anaflora essences you might begin with the Return to Joy Formula if your feline friend has come to you from a less than perfect background. If she is wary of a new addition to your household you might select the Harmony Formula. If she seems to be picking up your stress or anxiety consider the Special Stress Formula.

     If interpreting your cat's emotional state is difficult for you, you might consider consulting an animal communicator for assistance. (For appointments with Sharon Callahan see the appointment page.) With information derived from the animal herself, the appropriate essences can more easily be selected. Flower essences are an invaluable aid during times of transition and uncertainly and are of tremendous benefit to cats suffering the affects of abuse and neglect. The effects of flower essences are often immediate and sometimes border on the miraculous. With the help of flower essences I have witnessed many a frightened, abused and brokenhearted cat learn to love and trust again

     If the thought of a flower being powerful enough to overcome a serious emotional trauma and aid in physical healing seems foreign to you; keep in mind that nearly all forms of medicine are derived originally from plant life - so there should be nothing odd about the healing quality of wild flowers. I, myself, have found the consistent use of flower essences ( in addition to a natural diet and mega doses of love ) to be the single most effective ingredient in improving the overall quality of a cat's life. Cats and flowers . . . what could be more natural!

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