By Sharon Callahan
Originally written for Healthy Cat Magazine Spring 1996

     Moving is a very high stress point in the life of any companion animal, and although dogs may enjoy the exhilaration of a change in environment, a cat usually does not. A transition such as moving to a new home is one of the most important times to use your skill at telepathic communication with your animal companion. Unfortunately, it is also the time it is most easily forgotten. You are stressed and rushed, there are a million things to do, and the cat is often lost in the flurry. Your cat is confused and distressed seeing the house being torn apart. In the case of an indoor cat it is his whole world. Your cat may be thinking; "What is happening?","Are you leaving?","Are you going to take me with you?", "Why are you so nervous?","Where are my favorite things? ","What have I done wrong?","Am I being punished?". Your cat may be thinking any or all of these things and more.

     Moving to a new location often happens at a time in our lives when many changes and stresses take place simultaneously. Perhaps we have taken a new job, become divorced, married, or our children have grown and we no longer need a large home. Our companion animals depend totally on us and they are increasingly under psychological and emotional stress because their lives are intertwined with our own. This is something foreign to their inborn instincts and can be distressing, confusing and disorienting to them. Animals become stressed in proportion to the stress we feel in our own lives. During times of transition, we may be worried and pressured and not be aware of their needs. The recent rise in immune system disease is known to be related to stress, and human stress transfers to our animals, thus, as our stress increases so does theirs.

     Cats are particularly sensitive to energies and can be quite distressed by changes. Those of you who have cats know how much fuss there is over a slight re-arrangement in the furniture, much less an entire move! Although this may seem odd to us humans, from the cat's point of view it is perfectly understandable. Every object gives off energy and configurations of objects produce a particular energy configuration or energy dynamic. When things are moved, the formerly existing energy dynamic is changed. A cat feels and responds to the new energy configuration and needs time to both re-adjust and re-attune to the new patterns.

     The most important advice for easing your cat's stress during a move is to communicate regularly with him and include him in your plans, so that the move doesn't come as a sudden shock. Use lots of thought picture communication to assure him that he is included in your plans. Preferably, begin this communication several weeks prior to the move. Send your cat thought pictures of the new home. Picture him there feeling comfortable. Set aside time each day for this kind of communication. During the move give your cat lots of extra love and reassurance. When traveling with your cat, the same considerations apply. Include your cat in the planning stages of the trip.

     Few cats enjoy traveling in cars. With a little advanced planning, though, the trip need not be overly stressful for either you or the cat. Arrange to have a carrier with windows. Most cats welcome the security of a carrier. If your cat is not familiar with carriers, you might want to leave it open in the house for several days before the trip so that he can get used to it. Line the carrier with a blanket he is familiar with, or an old piece of your own clothing. Make sure your cat has a secure collar and an I.D. tag with current information. Have a supply of fresh water and a litter pan. It is usually best to feed your cat lightly the day before the trip and fast him during the travel if it is a short trip. On a long trip, try to avoid traveling in the heat of the day, and never leave an animal in a hot automobile for even a few minutes! If you have a journey of several days and are going to stay in motels, learn before hand which ones are animal friendly. A good resource is: Pets R Permitted Hotel and Motel Directory. This is an extensive listing that is updated yearly. It can be ordered from Annenberg Communications Institute P.O. Box 3930 Torrence, CA 90510-3930.

     Along with a good natural diet, digestive enzymes and high quality supplements, I have found flower essences to be the most helpful way to ease the stress of traveling for a cat. With flower essence we introduce naturally into its system the vibration of qualities such as peacefulness and equanimity. Once absorbed, the cat's being begins to vibrate with the newly introduced pattern and physical and emotional results follow, since physical substance is molded in the pattern of the energy field.

     It is best to start giving your cat an appropriate flower essence formula several days to a week before the trip. The essence can be put in the cat's water supply, sprayed in his sleeping area or rubbed on his ears, gums or foot pads. Walnut, Wisteria, Vervain, Dandelion, and Date Palm are some good essences to consider, or try Anaflora Relocation Formula. You might want to experiment with flower essences to enhance telepathic communication prior to using the traveling formula. These essences, when appropriately chosen and used, create a telepathic bond between the two of you that will greatly facilitate the communication process and make life easier all the way around. A good one to try is Anaflora Telepathy Formula or us essences singly such as Lavender, Cosmos, Sagebrush, or Delphinium.

     CASE STUDY: Magic and Mr. Webber, seven and eight year old tabbies, were moving with their human companion Carol from Escondido, California to a three month temporary home with friends and then to a new home in New Mexico. Carol expected Mr. Webber to be fine, but Magic had a history of sensitivity to change as well as stomach and intestinal problems. To further complicate the situation, Carol's husband had moved on ahead and without asking any one else's permission, he had welcomed a stray cat into their new home. Thus Magic and Mr. Webber had not only the move to new location and into a new house, but there was also the pending meeting with a new house mate, whom they had never met. To ease this potentially stressful set of circumstances, we treated all three cats. The two traveling cats were given the Anaflora Relocation Formula. This formula was begun ten days prior to their move. Once settled in their temporary quarters, the travelers were given Anaflora Harmony Formula to assist them in getting along in tight quarters. Carol's husband was sent the Harmony Formula to give to new kitty, too. Both Magic and Mr. Webber traveled well and adjusted to the temporary home with ease. Magic remained free of intestinal upset. When the time came to complete their journey, Magic and Mr. Webber again traveled calmly to their new home, where the introduction to the new cat went smoothly. With their travels successfully behind them, the whole family is happily settled into their new home.

Questions regarding challenging situations with cats can be addressed to Sharon Callahan, P.O. Box 1056 Mt. Shasta, CA 96067 or by using the contact form on this web site.


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