Halle' is eight years old and was born in Alaska where she has grown up in intimate contact with nature. She has an unusual capacity to communicate with animals and to understand their feelings, needs and unique purposes. She is acutely aware of animal suffering and the way it interferes with an animal's ability to do "their job" for the earth and to fulfill their purpose in our lives as companions and teachers. She is deeply attuned to the plant kingdom as well. The plants and the fairies angels speak to her, sometimes offering suggestions of how to help the animals. Halle makes flower essences with the assistance of her cats Riley and Paws. She lives with her mother Tracie, father Louie and a wonderful assortment of dogs, cats and horses. She is home schooled.

S: I have one special [question] I want to ask you that is not something that I asked other people. If you could remember where you were before you were born?

H: Well, I haven’t really thought about that lately. I don’t really know…I think I that I was someplace above. Like in a field. Kind of a field of energy.

S: A field of energy?

H: Yeah. And then I went to a different place and it was just with a bunch of animals and plants.

S: Plants and animals? Did it feel good there?

H: It felt wonderful there.

S: And do you remember what happened that made you feel like you wanted to change that and come here?

H: I don’t know what made me want to do that…I remember having a thought. It’s been a long time.

S: Do you ever go back there, like in a dream or something?

H: No, I haven’t. But I thought. I just thought…then I thought.

S: Well, maybe that’s what happens. We just have a thought and the thought brings us to a different place.

H: I haven’t been there in a while. It has something to do with thinking a thought and then being somewhere else.

S: Do you think you’ll go back to that field when you leave this place someday, or do you think you’ll go to a different place?

H: I don’t know. But there are tons of new places like that. Where people go before they are born.

S: Do you think that animals have souls?

H: Oh yeah, animals have souls. I can feel it. I see Rudy all the time.

[editorial note: Rudy is Halle’s dog who died a year before this interview]

S: That’s something I wanted to ask you, Halle. How did you experience Rudy’s death, and how you experience him now. How was it when he died…what did you notice when he died and when his spirit left his body? Do you remember?

H: I didn’t cry at all when he died because I just knew that his spirit would go to Heaven. And I knew that he would go to Heaven, so I wasn’t sad at all. But after he died, after a while, I thought about it and I started crying because I remembered him.

S: You missed him.

H: Yeah.

S: Where do you think he is now?

H: I guess I think he’s out getting ready to come back alreadyI think he is.

S: Does he talk to you about it?

H: I haven’t talked to him for a while. The last time I talked to him, he said he was going to be too busy for a while.

S: He’s a busy guy, isn’t he?

H: Maybe playing ball?

S: Maybe. Do you think he’s in that field?

H: He might be, but I’m not sure.

S: What do you think the soul is? A person’s soul or an animal’s soul?

H: What do you mean by “the person’s soul” or “the animal’s soul?”

S: You know when we talked about Rudy having a soul, you having a soul…what is the soul?

H: I think that Rudy’s soul was an animal’s soul. You know, he is an animal soul. The part that goes back.

S: Back to the field?

H: Yeah. Or another place. There are tons of them.

S: Do you think plants have souls?

H: I do, but I’m not really sure.

S: I know you really like plants and flowers.

H: I do. I love plants.

S: When you made flower essences for me, could you feel that the plants were alive?

H: Yeah. Like animals are alive. I have to ask the plants if it is alright to pick them to help the animals because it might hurt them.

S: Did you feel when you asked the plants that they kind of gave you permission?

H: Yes, I did. I did.

S: Did you ever find a plant that you asked that said, “No,” it didn’t want to do that?

H: No, I didn’t. They all allowed it.

S: They all wanted to?

H: Yeah.

S: The flower essences that you made were really, really wonderful.

H: Thanks. They have cat energy because either one or the other of my cats Riley or Paws was always there.

S: What were Riley or Paws doing when you made the essences?

H: They just would come over and lie down on you or watch the flower essence bowls.

S: That’s what Lily does too when I make essences. What do you think animals come into our lives for, like the ones that are really our friendslike Rudy was or like Paws and Riley? Why do you think they come to us?

H: I think they come to take care of us.

S: How do they do that?

H: I think they’re sending us energy all the time. Good energy in particular. When I go down to my Grandma’s I get really sad because I can’t see my dog Reese. I don’t feel safe without her. I bring her everywhere with me, because I don’t feel safe without her.

S: Sometimes I think that Reese really doesn’t like to be separated from you either because she likes to be able to watch over you all the time.

H: Well, it’s a dog’s job.

S: What’s a cat’s job?

H: The cat’s job. The cat watches over your energy field is what I think. The cat watches over your energy field and the dog watches over you.

S: The dog watches over your body?.

H: Yeah. The cat watches after the soul and the dog watch after you as not the soul, just youand the cat watches over your soul.

S: Do you think that the cats can actually see the energies?

H: Oh, I’m sure they can.

S: Maybe that’s why they like the flower essences because they can see the energy coming off of the flower into the water when you make them.

H: Yeah.

S: How do you think that we can help dogs and cats to do their jobs?

H: Well, they all know how to do it, but some have a hard time. I have to make an essence or something out of a Lily flower to help the animals that have a hard time.

S: The ones that have a hard time doing their jobs?

H: Yeah. Or they’re scared to do their job because they don’t know the people and they’re scared of them.

S: Do you think that’s why some of them can’t do the job because they’re 
afraid of the people?

H: Yeah. Like people that are mean to them, I think they’re scared to do their jobs because [the people] scare them. If they yell a lot at other people, animals don’t like that. They’re scared.

S: Halle, what do you think horses’ jobs are?

H: I haven’t really thought about the horses. I hadn’t really thought about that.

S: Do you think they protect us in some way?

H: I’m sure they do. Because, like our horse Dipper didn’t want to stay at another place. He wanted to come with us. I think they want to be with us so they can watch us all the time. That’s why Dipper didn’t want to be away from us. I think they watch over us too, like other animals, but we’re not there enough because they have to live outside.

S: Do you think they like that? Living outside away from us?

H: I’m sure they’re okay with it, but they would rather be with us.

S: Do you know what I read in a magazine? I read a story about a lady who let her horse live in the house. And all the way when it was big. She started out when it was small. If I can find the story, I’ll send it to you. It’s really neat. She and her husband felt really sorry for it because it had been abused when it was little, so they brought it in the house. And they liked so much having it in the house and the horse liked being in the house that they just kept it inside. And now it’s like 8 or 9 years old and it still lives in the house.

H: I bet they’re cleaning up horse poop on their carpet.

S: They are. They talked about that. But the lady said it was worth it because they really loved the horse…. Do you think all different animals have different jobs, like a snake has a certain job?

H: Yeah, I’m sure they do. I don’t think all the animals have the same job. I don’t think even dogs have the same job as some others.

S: What do you think about birds?

H: Well, I think that my bird just screams all the time.

S: He’s quiet now.

H: Yeah. I mean, he’s looking at me. It doesn’t look like he’s looking at me. He’s looking at me from the side of his face.

S: Do you think birds like to live in a cage?

H: Well, if they can see the people that they know, I’m sure they’re fine with it. I’m sure they would rather be out, but….

S: But if they can see you…

H: Yeah, they’re fine.

S: So, it isn’t so good to isolate them and put them in a place where they can’t see you.

H: Yeah, like in a room. Like if we had a bird room, it wouldn’t be fair because then they couldn’t see us.

S: Halle, what do you think about all of the things that are happening in different parts of the world where the wild animals habitats are being destroyed or taken away?

H: I definitely heard that that was going to stop. The animals are going to find a way and it’s going to stop.

S: They’ll find a way to tell us?

H: Yeah, they’ll find a way. Although they’ll move on toolike move back into the woods and find another place.

S: What if we take all the woods away? Some places like the rainforest where they’re taking the jungle away. They’re actually cutting all the trees.

H: Well, maybe they’ll move to the middle of the city. They’ll all be watching and they’ll destroy all the city. All the animals would stampede and hurt people if they’ve been taking away their habitat.

S: And maybe they’ll take away our habitat?

H: Yeah. Maybe, one time, one of those people who are cutting down the trees will run into an elephant. Then they’ll be in trouble. I definitely think the animals are going to find a breakthrough, and they’re going to do it. I think that they’re going to find a way.

S: Halle, if there was a representative from each different kind of animal…. What do you think the animals would want to say to people right now if they all got together and if people could hear them? What do you think they’d say?

H: I think they’d say stop taking away our home, that’s what I would think they would say. All the animals in the forests and woods that are getting extinct, want people to stop taking their homes away.

S: Most people can’t understand animals the way that you do or I do or the way that your mom does…What do you think that we can dothat you and I and your mom can do, and other people that love animals can doto change things, to make people more sensitive to animals?

H: I don’t know what we can do to make people more worried about them.

S: Maybe write something? Like write a story that kind of told about it?

H: Yeah, maybe we could do that.I don’t know if if people will listen.

S: People aren’t too good at listening, are they?

H: No. They’re all thinking like, “Oh, buildings, oh, houses,” and all that. I don’t think they would listen, if we wrote something about the animals. I don’t think one story will change the world.

S: Do you think there’s anything that would change the world?

H: Not really, but if animals could talk, those people would understand. But…I don’t think people understand now.

S: Does Riley ever talk to you?

H: He does. And he sleeps at the end of my bed.

H: One of my dogs Jewel was lying on the floor and she got in trouble by jumping at the bird in his cage. And Riley came trotting over there and he went up and he spanked her. He went “Weeownng” scratched at her. He was saying “That will warn you,” getting in trouble for jumping at the birdhe came trotting over there and he hit her.

S: Do you ever see or talk to angels?

H: Well, one time, I saw this angel right up above my bed and she started disappearing. Then all I could see was a heart with all the light and energy around it. That’s what I saw. She kind of had blonde-goldy hair color. This really white skin. She had the biggest towelsyou know, how everybody shows angels wrapped up in towels. So, it looked good.

S: Did she have any kind of message or was she just giving love?

H: Just giving love. I don’t think any message.

S: That’s pretty nice, isn’t it?

H: Well, then, I have one quick question. One night I saw something I think it was just a scene, but it could have been realI was laying in my bed. It was like three in the morning, early. And I saw just a head. It looked like Rudy, but I wasn’t sure. I don’t think it was a bad dream. It wasn’t looking right at me. It was looking up above me. It was growling and it really scared me. Was there something up there that I didn’t see? Was that Rudy protecting me from something or was it growling at me?

S: He says that he was telling you that he was going to come back very soon so he could protect you again.

H: So there was nothing that was bad or anything that night?

S: No. He says sometimes you have bad dreams. He sees it like a kind of an energy that he didn’t like there over your head.

H: Some kind of an energy. Is it still in my room or is it gone?

S: He says he scared it away. Rudy says he’ll make sure that no bad energies come in your room.

H: Because sometimes I feel bad energy in there, sometimes. But I haven’t felt it since that night when I saw him growl.

S: What does the energy feel like to you…when it’s bad?

H: Well, it’s just black in there and I just don’t want to go in. I feel like something bad is going to happen.

S: Rudy says nothing bad will happen. He says that he won’t let anything bad happen to you. He says that if the bad energy comes back, that he’ll come again and he’ll growl again and make it go away.

S: Any kind of question that you’d like to ask yourself and then answer it?

H: Well, what am I going to do when I grow up?

S: What are you going to do when you grow up?

H: I’d really like to be a horse trainer and a dog trainer. But I don’t know. I need Rudy before I can start. I need him and I miss him.

S: He’d like that, he says. Anything else you’d like to do when you grow up?

H: . I would like to make flower essences.

S: I thought you were going to say that.

H: You’re a mind reader.

S: Maybe you’ll come and work for me when you grow up.

H: Yeah, I want to come down and visit you.

S: Anything else you’d like to say before we stop?

H: I’d just like to tell all my animals that I’m very, very happy that I have them. And tell Dipper not to worry about me.

S: Dipper says he won’t worry.

H: Is he doing all right?

S: He’s doing all right. He’s a little bit lonely.

H: I probably might get Mom and Dad to take a trip down there to see him.

S: Well, thank you very much for letting me do an interview with you.

H: You’re welcome.

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