Extraordinary music is known to have an uplifting and healing effect on the human soul. This effect has been experienced across cultural boundaries, as the soul responds to harmony and beauty regardless of its temporary resting place. I have found that animals, too, respond to beautiful music, and that their souls are touched and uplifted by the same music that touches and uplifts the souls of human beings.

     Over the years I have watched my animals get up from wherever they happen to be in the house to come close to the speakers when I play particular pieces of music. They become blissful and elevated while listening just as I do. I have often used music to soothe an ailing animal or to assist an animal in an illumined transition from this life.

     A wide range of common physical disorders in animals as well as many mental and emotional disturbances brought on by grief, loneliness, abandonment, abuse, trauma and negative thought forms can be eased and often eliminated by playing beautiful music to an animal. In addition, the tendency of many companion animals to absorb the emotions and illnesses of the humans with whom they live can be greatly relieved with beautiful music.

     Animals suffer acutely from situations that they are incapable of understanding, such as human relationship difficulties, job worries and financial stress. The suffering of domestic animals is, to a great extent, a result of contact with the less positive aspects of "civilization." We can greatly assist in balancing the stresses absorbed by our animal friends by offering them the best civilization has to offer . . . beautiful, uplifting music.

     Listen to music with your animal friend. If you must be away from home for long periods of time during the day, and you have an animal confined to the house, leave some appropriate music playing softly. It can make all the difference to the animal's well being.

     In my animal healing practice, I often recommend that people play music for their animals. The beautiful angelic harp music of Erik Berglund is at the top of my list of suggested music for animals. Animals and angels have a close affinity, ministering to us as they both do so unconditionally and with such great love. Clients often comment enthusiastically on their animal's reaction to Erik's healing harp music and beautiful soothing voice. Animals particularly like Harp of the Healing Waters and Angel Beauty. My own cat, Lily is a great fan, and can often be seen near the stereo speaker when Erik's music is on

     I have known Erik for many years. His own cat Prince is a true musical muse who plays a great part in holding open the "doorway to the angels" through who's portals Erik's music pours. Prince lives surrounded by heavenly music and loving supportive vibrations of all kinds. He is a healthy happy senior cat with a most important job. Just as with human beings, feeling useful and appreciated plays a great role in overall health.

     To repay your animals for the gift of love they so freely offer you, cultivate a sacred energy in your home. Pray, meditate and play beautiful healing music often. You will be healthy and happy and your animal friends will be healthy and happy too.

     For more about Erik Berglund and his music see the Favorite Links page.

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