By Sharon Callahan

      An animal that has suffered abuse before finding her way to you has very special needs. Abusive situations, in addition to traumatizing an animal physically and emotionally, affect them on a deep soul level as well. This soul level wounding often causes far more damage than physical suffering. Such an animal may withdraw from human contact so that a deep sense of love is prevented, or may become hyperactive in her demand for love having been starved for it in the beginning stages of life.

     In addition to current life experience, life stream or soul group karma often intensifies an animals suffering. Life stream in the broadest sense is a morphogenetic field or soul group energy associated with a particular life form such as Dog, Cat, Horse or Elephant. A life stream can extend throughout time and across many incarnations of a particular being or whole species of beings. Cats and other domestic animals carry in their cells the group memory of centuries of abuse and neglect at the hands of cruel and insensitive people. Even when present time abuses seem minor, they are often overshadowed by this life stream consciousness that includes deep feelings of abuse and neglect that have been accumulating for centuries. Because animals are intimately attuned to group soul, these karmic influences must be taken into account when treating current difficulties.

     Because of their very sensitive and psychic natures, animals are profoundly affected by abuse whether it is directed toward them, or witnessed between humans. As an animal communicator I have come in contact with many animals who suffer profoundly the effects of marital strife, spousal or child abuse, or the abuse of another animal. Just as with humans, cruel words wound the heart and soul as much as a knife wounds the physical body. In addition, animals like children, often blame themselves in such circumstances. Frequently they take into their own bodies and psyches the pain of those they love in attempts to help heal them. Sometimes, in the midst of such situations, the animal is left off at the shelter because she has developed "bad habits." These bad habits are usually the animal's attempt to express feelings of grief over the situation in which it finds itself.

     What can you do to assist the Return to Joy of a previously abused animal? In addition to lots of love, understanding, good food, and nutritional supplementation to support an almost certainly deficient immune system, the best way I know is with flower essences therapy (as explained in previous articles, flower essences are healing vibrational tinctures made from the blossoms of flowering plants). With sensitively chosen flower essences, the effects of abandonment, overcrowding and negative thought forms are eased and healed, both present and life stream trauma is helped to release, and a sense of balance is restored to the damaged emotional body. In many cases flower essence therapy can overcome what seems to be a complete murder of the spirit that is all to often seen in abused animals.

     While treating your animal with flower essences, send him healing thought pictures to facilitate the process. Affirmations are also a very useful adjunct to flower essence therapy with animals. Just say the affirmations for the animal and imagine the affirmations being absorbed into his body and energy system. "I AM at home in the universe ". . . "I AM loved and protected by Jesus, Mary and the Angels ". . . "I AM deeply loved and cherished now and always" are good ones for animals. When all the love and understanding you have to give doesn't seem to be enough to restore joy and trust to your animal friend . . . try flower essences! You will be amazed at how quickly your animal will respond. If you and your animal friend have both recently escaped an abusive situation, you can take the flower essences together. Below is a real life case study to illustrate the effectiveness of flower essence therapy in treating an animal from an abusive background. The flower essences selected for treatment were arrived at through telepathic communication with the animal in question.


     Chamois, an eight month old orange tabby, had been hiding under a bed in the back bedroom of Jill's house since she brought him home from the animal shelter three months earlier. He was terrified of Jill's two young children and her other animals and would only come out at night to eat. He had begun to urinate on the rug in the hallway. Jill was considering returning Chamois to the shelter. In telepathic communication with Chamois he told of having been very roughly handled by small children before coming to live with Jill. He said that he loved the children but they had "hurt his insides." He had started vomiting his food in attempts to eat quickly and escape the children. His first people got rid of him because he was "making a mess" and "was not docile enough for the children." In the shelter he was confined to a cage with six other cats who picked on him. He was too sick and nervous to eat and would urinate where ever he happened to be standing, and so the pattern continued. Chamois was treated with Anaflora Return to Joy essences with the addition of Evening Primrose to promote the healing of painful early emotions. In less than two weeks Chamois was a new cat; less nervous, coming out from under the bed and even letting the children play with him a bit. He had stopped urinating on the rug too! After six weeks on the essences Chamois was acting like a member of the family. Jill's husband who had been skeptical of telepathic communication and flower essence therapy is now sold and taking flower essences himself.

     In addition to the Return To Joy Formula, TM other combination essences that can be helpful in situations such as those mentioned above are Anaflora Pound Puppy and Kitten Formula, TM and Recovery Remedy. TM Single essence that might be helpful include: Aspen, Heartsease, Love-Lies-Bleeding, Self Heal, Pine Violet, Pink Milkweed and Shasta Lily. When faced with a troubled anima, the situation can often seem overwhelming, but just remember that Love above all is the supreme healer. With your love and understanding, and the help of the flowers, a previously abused and frightened animal can make a loving and well adjusted companion.

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