“I am drawn to flower essence therapy as a healing modality as it is in alignment with true spiritual healing which concerns itself not with the state of the body, or ultimately even whether the body lives or dies, but rather the lifting of the spirit into Grace. In spiritual healing, no treatment is used. Balance and health are restored through the healers ability to rest in the truth of perfection. Flower essences restore balance in a similar way, acting as reminders of divine qualities and virtues such as Faith, Hope, Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Mercy. In the presence of such qualities the soul ‘remembers’ its perfection and all is made right. Flowers heal by acting as reminders of the Truth of Perfection.”

     “Each flower family carries the message of a particular quality or attribute to be awakened within the human or animal soul as it journeys through its earthly incarnations back to those realms of light from which it came. An angel watches over every flower family, giving voice to the particular attribute represented within each. When we interact with a particular flower, adding it’s song to its song, a duet is created where before there was only a solo. Each person and each animal’s duet with a particular flower will be uniquely individual to that person and plant and the possibility for expansion and healing present in that particular moment in time. Flowers are a medium of contact between the angels and those who live upon the earth. Angels being messengers of God and flowers the messengers of the angels. Each flower is a mantra from heaven, a message from God to ange...from angel to flower….from flower to man or animal.

     “Flower essences work on the level of the soul, offering you and your animal companion an opportunity to respond in new and elevated ways to your inner and outer environments.”

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