“The healing of the relationship between human beings and animals on both a personal and planetary level is an area in which flower essences are the most profoundly useful. With sensitively chosen flower essences, animals are released from present suffering and abuse and released as well from the affects of abuses that have been accumulating for centuries. Because flower essences are vibrational in nature, they operate on a level that is not limited to the present. The soul of the flower touches the soul of the animal and the soul of the human being. A healing then occurs that transcends space and time. Old scars and wounds heal, oppression is lifted, guilt is relieved and equanimity is restored to all concerned.”

     “Animals are intimately attuned to the music, or vibration, of nature....the flowers and trees dancing rhythmically in the wind, the murmuring of the breeze, the whistling of the wind through rocks and mountains, the harmony of sun and moon, the movements of stars and planets, the rhythm of the days months and seasons. In their essential state, animals, birds, and plants communicate by means of the music of nature. So it is natural for flowers and animals to work together. “

     “With close observation, one can perceive an overlapping quality in the Divine Creative Impulse that generates the morphic fields or vibrational holograms of many plant and animal species. This gives animals an instinctual understanding of various plants, regardless of whether they have ever been in contact with the particular plant before.”

     “Healing can only occur through an elevation of consciousness yours and mine. As our consciousness is raised, the animal will naturally resonate to this raised state of consciousness along with you. As we acknowledge the part played by society as a whole, the whole is uplifted as well; for what each of us does effects the whole. To simply wish healing for our animal companion alone is missing the point, and will never be completely successful, since in large part animals are here on earth as a healing ministry which has as its goal the facilitation of the blossoming of human compassion. We cannot heal animals or ourselves as isolated entities in any lasting way until the whole of humanity and Earth itself is healed - we are all one.”

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