“With too much interference or too much absence from a parent/caretaker, a child or animal is forced to spend their mental and emotional energy coping with the parent/caretakers intrusiveness or unavailability instead of being free to explore life for themselves.”

    “Wild animals live totally in the moment when not influenced by human encroachment. As animals become domesticated however, they begin to be influenced, by and eventually take on, human fears, anxieties and neurosis as well as the more positive aspects of human civilization.”

    “The love of animals is a sacrificial love as was the love of Christ.”

   “If we love animals, the most profound gift we can give them is the gift of our peacefulness, centered-ness, in-the-moment-ness …..a life of peace, harmony and beauty, which are the highest human qualities. If we live our life in aspiration of these ideals, we and they will flower to the fullest potential possible.”

    “Animals and small children, like the Angels, do not err because they belong to a realm where evil....an action or attitude contrary to the truth....does not exist.”

    “Our animals long to connect with us on an intimate, spiritual level and they will do what they can to direct our attention towards that goal.”

    “Companion animals partake of thought and feeling through their contact with humans. Both the atmosphere that we create internally in our mind and heart and the outward expression created in the atmosphere of our homes, greatly influence the well being of our animals. Their souls become exalted or dejected in response to the inner and outer environments they share with us.”

    “We can repay our beloved animal companions for the gift of love they so freely offer us by simply nurturing our own spiritual lives and by treating our animals as the spiritual companions they are. The more we aspire to make our lives an expression of the Sacred, the more will we become peaceful, present to the moment, and one with God. As this happens, we will become increasingly aware of the Divine Presence dwelling within all things. When we interact with our animal companions from this perspective, behavior problems vanish along with anxiety, sadness, fear and loneliness. An unforeseen world opens to us . . . the world of true kinship . . . the world of Spirit.”

    “For an animal to be healed, we must be an active participant in the healing process. Animals, through their illnesses and imbalances, are mirroring to us either some imbalance of our own inner state or of the state of humanity at large.”

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