“The practice of meditation is the best way I know of to facilitate knowledge of the true Self. Meditation polishes the mirror of perception and allows us to merge with our true Self more and more over time. As this occurs, we automatically allow a merging with the single source of Life and Being which gives us access to communion with all the forms in which it appears.

    “In the stillness of the present moment we touch eternity. When we touch the eternal we touch God. And where God is the animals are.”

    “The best way I know to develop a discerning heart and mind is through meditation, spiritual practice and a life lived in impeccable honesty. It is only by living honestly in each moment that we drop our defenses to the extent that the natural subtle vibrations of life can enter our being. As long as we have something to hide, the deception acts as a barrier to our perception of the natural and subtle worlds.”

    “If you are interested in developing your telepathic communication skills, look deeply into your animal companions. Look beyond the mundane and the ordinary. Merge with the animals. Take communion of the Christ of their Self. Receive their benediction. “

    “….Between thoughts is an interval of silence. In that silence you are out of time. In that non-time true communion takes place. “

    “Meditation is the greatest tool with which to unfold the soul. It awakens us to that which we really are; Unchanging Pure Awareness which underlies the whole of life.”

    “The average person seldom sees the extraordinary universe that they are a part of; the twinkling of starlight, the waving of a branch in the wind, a flower reaching heavenward. Even those who strive toward expansion and awareness are often only partially aware of the wonder of life. We may see with our physical eyes and be touched emotionally by the beauty in our world, but we seldom really touch a thing and know the quality of its being.”

    “Since animals rest in stillness by nature, it is we who must train ourselves in the fine art of being still. While those of us who desire communication with other beings do so because we wish to understand them and ourselves better, we must realize that true understanding - the understanding of truth which is in all things - can only come when the mind is very still.”

    “The simpler you keep your life the easier it will be to listen. If you want to hear the animals, weed out those things that are unnecessary. Try to limit your activities to those that feed your soul and support your desire to listen, to simplify, and to attune silently to other beings.”

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