“I believe in a life of non-harming. As much as possible this involves the avoidance of any products that knowingly cause harm to people or other of God’s creatures. This way of life isn’t a lofty ideal, but a constant process of refinement which enhances our personal well being as well. Think about it. If an animal is killed with violence, that violence causes the animal to experience very intense pain when it dies. That pain remains in the flesh of the animal even after it is prepared, cooked and eaten. In eating that meat you are ingesting pain which becomes lodged in your body, heart and mind. In the consuming of animal flesh and the wearing of their skin on our feet and bodies we can be assured that we carry with us the vibration of creatures that suffered terribly.

I believe that the reason so many individuals live in states of anxiety, fear, restlessness and hopelessness is that they carry these energies with them in their choice of clothing and in the food they consume. We absorb, as well the energies of violence, death and disorder that are carried on television and radio waves. When we condone either actively or passively the harming of others, we must, at some point suffer the retribution of our actions."

    “The way to heal our animal companions lies first in the healing of our relationship with the entire animal kingdom. We can do this by freeing ourselves of the notion that we must harm to heal, to be healthy, or to be fashionable.”

    "Having had a near death experience, I know that ultimately we must feel the pain and suffering we have inflicted on other beings. There is no way around it. It is the check and balance of Universal Law. “Do unto others……” It is karma. It is law and effect.”

    “Make no distinctions. Illuminate those you love and those who are your enemies. To fall into distinctions is to fall into separation, which is where the problem began in the first place.”

    “Humanity suffers ‘separation anxiety.’ The anxiety and fear that result from separation from God and from God's creation of which man has forgotten he is a part.”

    “It is said that the beating of a butterfly’s wing is felt by the farthest star. All things are connected. With each act of kindness, with each loving thought, with each prayer, the entire world is lifted closer to a state of grace for all beings.”

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