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Rebalance the Emotions With Flower Essences

Reprinted with permission from the August 1998 issue of Dr. Bob and Susan 
Goldsteins’ Love of Animals newsletter, 606 Post Rd. East, Westport, CT 
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    In recent months, we have become keenly aware of how emotional problems are often at the root of physical disease ... and no matter how well we treat the physical condition, if we continue to ignore its emotional aspects, true and complete healing cannot occur. Flower essences prepared from the blossoms of flowering plants have the capacity, to shift the emotional "imprint" of animals and people in a powerful way. 

     Dating back to the 1800s and the well-known Bach Flower Remedies (from which Rescue Remedy came), the field has undergone a renaissance in recent years, taking its place in the pantheon of energy and vibrational modalities.

     In our practice, we've been using these flower essences with outstanding results. They complement holistic veterinary medicine so well, are inexpensive, completely harmless and without side effects. (You cannot say that about too many modalities in veterinary pharmacology!) And, as more is learned and applied in emerging field of energy medicine, we expect that specific flower remedies will be increasingly prescribed to address a myriad of emotionally based disorders, such as grief, loneliness, jealousy and anxiety, to name a few.

     Consider anxiety, for example. Anxiety comes in many different forms, and can be precipitated in animals by the process of adoption, relocation, the introduction of a new human or animal into your home and the absorption of negativity from family issues. Formulas are available which can neutralize and help heal your companion of these painful reactions which, if left unresolved, may manifest into physical abnormalities resulting in disease.

Return to Joy-Setting the Stage for Emotional and Physical Healing

     We are delighted to share with you one of our most successful flower remedies. It's called Return To Joy, a flower essence combining Bleeding Heart, California Wild Rose, Castle Lake Azalea, Echinacea, Shooting Star, Flannel Flower and Lady's Slipper. Return To Joy sets the stage for healing by relieving stress and relaxing the animal, helping to rebuild trust and reopen the heart.

     Conventional medicine (veterinary and human) often recommends a tranquilizer, powerful medication that simply dulls and deadens the emotions. In our clinic in recent months, we have developed an increased awareness of the emotional and spiritual needs of our patients and have witnessed firsthand how flower essences address these needs.

     We learned about Return To Joy during a product training given by Sharon Callahan, founder and director of Anaflora Flower Essence Therapy for Animals near Mt. Shasta, California. (Her tiger cat, Lily, pictured at left, stays very close to the bowl of water and flowers during the essence transfer process.) Previously, we had the privilege of administering a specially prepared Anaflora remedy to our beloved Corgi Annie last December. Despite the fact that it was Annie's time to leave her physical body, she was having a difficult time leaving us. Sharon's remedies, which were flown to us overnight, helped us all to let go.

Sharon believes that flower essences are especially effective at releasing past and present suffering and abuse in animals, repairing the damage done to our relationships and enabling new levels of trust.

     You may be wondering how a few drops of liquid plant extract could facilitate emotional healing in both animal and humans. I have to ask you this question: Do you know how electricity works before you turn on your refrigerator? And Sharon Callahan points out that all medications, even allopathics, were originally made from plant sources.

     We now prescribe Return To Joy, along with remedies to heal the physical condition, to many animals brought to Northern Skies Veterinary Center or our Earth Animal store with a chronic degenerative disease or behavioral problem. Likewise, as a starter remedy, we recommend Return To Joy if your animal __

  • is exhibiting emotional problems of any kind 

  • is having a behavioral problem

  • has a chronic disease 

  • has difficulty receiving or giving affection 

  • has difficulty trusting other animals or people

  • is withdrawn or hyperactive

  • has been recently adopted from a shelter, weaned or relocated 

  • has suffered abuse of any kind or if you suspect abuse

     For dogs and cats, add 5 drops to fresh water daily for one month or until improvement is noted emotionally and physically. (For yourself, take 5 drops under the tongue three times daily.)

     In future letters, we'll look at other flower essences and their applications. For further information about Anaflora flower essences, you may call Anaflora at 530/926-6424. You can order Return to Joy directly from Anaflora; through our Earth Animal store 800/622-0260 or as part of a health consultation for your animal at our Northern Skies Veterinary Center 203/222-0260


"I have been seeing great results with animals preparing for and coming out of surgery with the Anaflora Recovery Formula. If the surgery is a spay/neuter, I also recommend Anaflora's Spay and Neuter Formula alternating with Recovery Formula starting two weeks before and continuing for one month after surgery."
Bob Goldstein, DVM

We have been seeing wonderful things happen for animals as we use the Anaflora Flower Essences in our clinic. Even spontaneous remission of epilepsy with the use of the Return to Joy Formula. We now recommend Return to Joy as a part of our holistic health plan for the animals who visit our clinic.
Susan Goldstein, Animal Nutrition and Well Being Consultant

     Robert S. Goldstein, VMD, medical editor of Love of Animals, has been a holistic veterinarian for more than 20 years, using a combination of nutritional, herbal, homeopathic and chiropractic treatments. Dr. Goldstein pioneered an immune-enhancement therapy in the treatment of animals and is an expert in natural treatment and prevention of disease in household pets. Dr. Goldstein holds a degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Goldstein is available for private consultation. For more information, call 203/222-0260.