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Created by Sharon Callahan
An Interview By Susan Goldstein

Reprinted with permission from the December 2002 issue of Dr. Bob and Susan Goldsteins' Love of Animals newsletter, 606 Post Rd. East, Westport, CT 06880; for subscription information, call 800/211-6365

In our clinical practice, we seem to be seeing more cases of epilepsy these days. We suspect this trend is due to a combination of stress, genetic predisposition, over vaccination, exposure to environmental toxins and chemical additives and preservatives in dog and cat foods. We are pleased to have a pair of flower essences that can help stop seizures before they start and to prevent seizures from occurring. These flower essences are used to support our Bio Nutritional Analysis (BNA) program. The BNA program identifies metabolic and nutritional deficiencies that can contribute to seizures and other chronic diseases. These powerful tools can help your dog or cat recover more quickly from seizures, have fewer seizures and reduce the need and dependency on anti-seizure medication such as Phenobarbital and potassium bromide. 

Recently, Love of Animals Executive Editor Susan Goldstein interviewed Anaflora founder Sharon Callahan to learn more about the new flower essences....

Which flower essences are used to make up the seizure formulas? 
Anaflora Anti-Seizure Daily Drops includes a homeopathic dilution of Date Palm, Catís Ear, Phantom Orchid, Rose Campion, Alder, Juniper, Chestnut, Black Locust and Apricot, Lourdes Water, spring water and brandy.

Anaflora Post-Seizure Recovery includes a homeopathic dilution of California Pitcher Plant, Self Heal, Arnica, Hellebore, Grape Hyacinth, Lobelia, Periwinkle, Pear and Herba Santa, Lourdes Water, spring water and brandy. 

We see there is a Post Seizure Recovery essence and an Anti-Seizure Daily Formula. What is the difference between the two, and do our readers need to use both formulas? 
Yes, it is very important to use both formulas, as they support one another in the healing and releasing process. The daily formula is designed to calm anxieties and stresses that may contribute to the onset of a seizure as well as releasing past trauma that may contribute to their recurrence. Many nonspecific seizures originate from early life and are retriggered when similar circumstances occur in present time. This is akin to post-traumatic stress disorder. Even when there is an organic basis for the seizure, such as heredity or brain dysfunction, the level of stress in the animal and human guardianís life can greatly affect the frequency and duration of the seizure. The daily Seizure drops address this type of stress on the animal. 

The post-seizure formula grounds the animal in her body so that she can more quickly resume normal functioning. This formula has the effect of bringing peace to the soul and emotions and reducing fear. It also assists the animal so that she does not pick up your anxiety. Many people find it beneficial to take the post-seizure essences along with their animals to reduce the transfer of fear and anxiety.

How soon should our readers expect to see a difference in their animalís behavior after beginning treatment? 
The rate of success in treatment of epilepsy with flower essences varies widely from complete cessation of seizures to a mild reduction of the number and duration of seizures. Almost all animals experience some positive change. At Anaflora, one of our model patients was a Great Dane named Kurvenal who had violent seizures in response to loud percussive noises, especially Fourth of July fireworks. Kurvenal responded so well to flower essences that after his first treatment he never had another seizure. He was six years old when we began treatment and he died at 10 years old (quite elderly for a Dane). He was taken completely off allopathic medication and lived a very happy, healthy life. It was our great pleasure to know Kurvenal. 

In a more recent case, I have been treating Bud, a Jack Russell Terrier. His seizures improved dramatically the first few months and then returned when his person went through a difficult period. We adjusted Budís essences to reflect the new stresses and he is much better again. It is easy to see in such a case how the stress present in the home can contribute to seizure activity. In many cases, the humans need treatment, too.

We noticed that the post-seizure formula is to be inserted directly in the mouth during a there a proper way to administer the drops so that our readers don't run the risk of harming their companion or themselves?
It is best if the essence comes in contact with the mucous membranes of the mouth. If possible, drop a few drops directly into the mouth or on the lips. If this is not possible, keep a second bottle of the post-seizure essence with a spray top. Mist the air over the animalís body, paying particular attention to the area of the head and heart. Most animals come out of a seizure more quickly with the essences than without...some dramatically so. 

Can our readers put the seizure formula in their animalís food, or does it need to go in the water? 
The best vehicle for daily delivery for flower essences is water. Molecules of water store and carry information. Many scientific studies have been done on this. Our bodies and the bodies of our animals are largely made of water. Water allows the essence to enter the bodyís electrical system almost immediately. If essences are put in food, they must travel through the digestive system, which greatly reduces their effectiveness.

Is the alcohol stabilizer that is present in the flower essences harmful to animals? 
No. The alcohol used in Anaflora flower essences is not grain alcohol that is often used in other flower essences, but very high quality brandy. The essence bottle is only one-fourth brandy to three-fourths holy water (blessed water). You are only using a few drops of essence at a time. The alcohol serves the purpose of not only preserving the essence but also allowing the essence to enter the bloodstream where it can go to work immediately. This is particularly important when giving the Post-Seizure Formula when an immediate response is desired. When putting a flower essence into an animal's water bowl as with the Daily Epilepsy Drops < Is this same as Anti-Seizure Daily Drops?>, the alcohol evaporates in just a few minutes, leaving just the essence.

If you or your animal are particularly sensitive to alcohol, the drops can be diluted by using a second bottle of spring water and adding a dropper-full of essence from the original bottle. This second bottle must then be refrigerated between uses. You can also contact Anaflora directly and have us make a special formula for you with a non-alcohol stabilizer. In clinical studies, however, the non-alcohol stabilizer reduces the effectiveness of the essence just as adding them to food would.

If an animal is currently on the flower essence Return to Joy, can the seizure formulas still be used? How many formulas can be given at once? 
Yes. All the essence formulas are compatible. For best results, however, treat first with Return to Joy for a month and then switch to the Epilepsy Daily Drops and Post-Seizure Drops.

Can people also use the anti-seizure formulas?

Yes. Flower essences have a profound effect on the soul and emotions of all beings. Human and non-human animals respond just the same at this level of being.

Can the seizure formulas be given to an animal while they are taking other medications or undergoing other forms of medical treatment?
Yes. The beauty of flower essences is that they can do no harm, and are not only compatible with other forms of treatment but actually enhance the effectiveness of other treatment by easing emotional stresses that may inhibit treatment.

What can our readers do if their animal does not respond to the flower essences?
If an animal doesnít respond to treatment, it may mean there is some underlying condition that requires addressing more deeply. If it is suspected that this is physical in nature, contact a holistic veterinarian for further medical testing and have nutritional testing done. If the underlying condition is believed to be emotional, it may be beneficial to consult with an animal communicator to attempt to uncover the actual initiating event that brought on the seizures. In many cases, animals (just as human beings) are greatly unburdened by being able to tell someone their story. Being able to tell their story often greatly facilitates the healing process. Some animals also require a customized blend of essences made especially for their unique needs.

Is there anything else that can be done to facilitate the use of the flower essences with an animal that has seizures?
Keeping your own life as stress-free as possible will help your animal friend to be peaceful, too, and will contribute greatly to the cessation of seizures. It is important not to be hyper-vigilant as far as recording or fixating on the cycles or patterns of the seizure recurrence. Our animals are so bonded to us at an emotional level that if we are too focused on the seizures the animal may oblige us by having one! A seizure can be very frightening, and it is easy to assume that they will never go away. As a word of hope, I have noticed in my work with flower essences and animals that often the most severe conditions respond the most dramatically to flower essence therapy and love. Love is the most important factor in any healing modality, for without love the Grace of God cannot flow through us to the animals...Love above all else is the supreme healer. 

Thank you, Sharon. We are pleased to be able to offer our readers the complete line of Anaflora Flower Essences for animals, including the new anti-seizure formulas. For further information, please call our office at 203/222-0260. You can also visit Sharonís web site at