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Open Your Eyes and Heart to the Wisdom of Animals
An Interview By Susan Goldstein

Reprinted with permission from the December 2004 issue of Dr. Bob and Susan Goldsteins' Love of Animals newsletter, 606 Post Rd. East, Westport, CT 06880; for subscription information, call 800/211-6365

VIP Interview #6Sharon Callahan:
The Holiday Interview December 2004
Open Your Eyes and Heart to the Wisdom of Animals

“Animals have souls and conscious awareness. They experience all the same emotions that human beings experience. They think and feel. They experience sadness and grief. They can communicate their thoughts and feelings to us…and sometimes in the process of doing so they can open our hearts and eyes to new and beautiful ways of looking at ourselves, our lives and the world in general.”—Sharon Callahan

Sharon Callahan is an internationally acclaimed animal communication specialist. A near-death experience in 1988 enhanced her lifelong ability to communicate with animals and inspired her to commit herself full-time to their care. The experience also inspired her to create Anaflora Flower Essences for Animals. Over the years, Anaflora essences have gained a reputation for excellence and have been used by veterinarians, sanctuaries and individuals throughout the world to successfully treat species as diverse as elephants and honeybees.

Sharon has the distinction of being the only animal communicator whose practice is based exclusively on referrals from veterinarians and other health-care professionals. Combining her telepathic communication skills with an uncanny ability to select the appropriate healing essences for each animal, she draws on a repertoire of over 200 flower essences, which she prepares herself in Mt. Shasta, California, where she has lived for 26 years. She brings to her practice a background in the human medical setting, including psychiatric clinics, the treatment of children with disabilities, grief therapy and suicide counseling.

Sharon is a prolific writer; her articles have appeared in publications throughout the world. She is author of Healing Animals Naturally with Flower Essences and Intuitive Listening, and her life story is the subject of the recently released Reflections of the Heart:  What Our Animal Companions Tell Us, by Deborah Demoss Smith. Recently, Love of Animals Executive Editor Susan Goldstein interviewed Sharon. We are delighted to share the results of their inspiring dialogue.

Sharon, please tell our readers about your work and give them some ideas to ponder during the holidays and next year.

One of the most important aspects of my work is to assist my clients in dispelling the power of fear in their lives. Fear is not just an emotion. Fear is the greatest block to personal growth and the potential of the spirit to excel. This is true of human beings and animals alike. Fear binds us to inner conflict and deprives us of a sense of individual freedom. If we are in fear in any aspect of our lives, we cannot live in love.

In my work, I assist my clients to see ways in which they may be allowing fear to enter into their lives and minds and how that fear affects their physical and emotional health as well as the physical and emotional health of the human and non-human beings with whom they live. I help them to recognize the energy of fear and ways they can change the beliefs that lead to fear. This empowers them and opens them to endless creative possibilities and growth, catalyzing a more healthful life for those around them as well.

Animals, in addition to suffering from their own fears and insecurities, are often absorbing and reflecting the fears and neuroses of their human companions. This is not at all a bad thing, but rather a magnificent synchronistic merging of two spirits that has the power to catalyze healing for both the human being and the animal alike so that together they can achieve their full soul potential.

Often the most profound transformations for my clients come during the experience of a beloved animal companion’s aging and death process. Fear of the loss of a dear companion is one of the greatest life fears. Therefore, facing and overcoming such fear at the time of an animal’s death can hold the greatest potential and power for spiritual transformation of any other single life event.

This is one of the greatest gifts that our animal companions have to give us….the gift of transformation. If such a situation is recoiled from, we can be driven into deeper states of fear and suffering. If met with grace and valor, such a situation holds the power to release both the one dying and the one witnessing the death from the dark grip of fear.

With the catalyst of such a situation, the witness can be released to live in the way of ecstasy and the one dying can be released to merge freely and completely with the all-encompassing light and love of the creator.

Susan Goldstein: I understand that you are working on a music CD for animals to be launched next year.

Sharon: Yes, the CD and accompanying booklet was inspired by my relationship with the animals, involving a process which helps animals to create a deeper bond with people and also to give them a voice to express how they feel about the way they have been treated in general. All three pieces have been written by Patrick Barnard, a notable New Age musician and world traveler. It took 40 days to produce—I find there is something biblical and sacred about that!

The mission of your music reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Gandhi: “You can tell a lot about a nation by the way it treats its animals”.

 That is one of the most profound quotes and also one of my favorites.

You talk to animals all day long. Do they have hopes and dreams for us for the New Year?

Yes, without a doubt they always have hopes and always see an age of light approaching. They sometimes get discouraged by the way people drag their feet. And, as drastic as things appear in the world, the animals really believe that if we humans open our hearts, we will all arrive in a peaceful place. The animals are constantly suggesting that we seek goodness in all life and all beings without exception.

Are they actually saying that there’s goodness in Osama Bin Laden?

What they are saying is the way to deal with him and the situation in the Middle East is through love. It’s easy to love our own circle of family and friends, but what God wants us to do is to love our enemies as well and no matter what happens, to keep on loving.

We’ve both enjoyed working with elephants. They hold so much information. What is your experience?

I am working with an African elephant named Flora at the sanctuary and one of the things I’ve noticed is that Flora gets deeply saddened, usually when something terrible is going on in the world.

It’s our experience at the Healing Center for Animals that many of our patients are affected by global issues, and we’ve observed that seizures are escalated during times of great turmoil.

Their electrical systems just short out, I agree.

What’s the animals’ message to us for the holidays?

Keep your heart and mind on the sacred things, whatever that means to you! The holidays are a profound and sacred time and the animals wish that we wouldn't be so commercialized. They so long for us to simply enjoy ourselves.

What gifts can we as guardians bring to the animals?

The biggest gift is a peaceful heart and a focus on things of beauty. No matter what your life is about, there is a blessing to be found.

We are dedicating a portion of 2005 to “emotional hygiene”, out of the belief that animal companions are truly concerned about their guardians’ emotional and physical well-being.

That’s absolutely so! One of the first things an animal will say to me regarding their person is the desire or wish for him or her to take better care. In their wisdom they know that if our lives are peaceful and centered, then theirs will be as well. In essence then, the number one gift our readers can give to their animals is to take care of themselves and to make their homes a peaceful sanctuary.

Thank you Sharon. God bless you!