Natural Care and Healing For Your Dogs & Cats

Introduction To Bob Goldstein, V.M.D. And Susan Goldstein
Animal Nutrition Specialist, By Sharon Callahan

     One of my earliest childhood memories was watching a small grey cat with two bedraggled kittens try to rush into the church as the parishioners entered for Sunday services only to be kicked aside like something unfit for God. Wouldn’t God enjoy the company of a cat and her kittens as much as anything else, I thought. It was said that animals didn’t have souls and didn’t go to heaven. At six years old I decided that heaven must be a pretty desolate place without the beauty of dogs and cats and I decided I didn’t want to end up there. If animals were barred from heaven, what fate must befall the insect kingdoms and the kingdoms of flowers, trees and rocks? For many years I retreated into a protective shell of isolation afraid to ask these questions. I prayed for a world that would be kinder and more compassionate than the one I was witnessing. Even as an adult I had all but given up hope of any significant change, but in the last few years a miracle of sorts has occurred. The holistic health movement has expanded its circle of awareness to encompass the kingdom of animals.

     Although this change alone is more than I had ever hoped for, much of what has been written about and practiced in the realm of holistic animal health care as wonderful as it is, often fails to address the emotional and spiritual needs of animals equally important components in their overall health. It is in this area that Bob and Susan Goldstein and their staff shine and what sets them on the leading edge of animal care and treatment in our time. They have been brave enough to expand their horizon to include these important areas of animal well being in their overall plan for the animals who are brought to them for treatment.

     The addition of flower essence therapy, aromatherapy, TTouch, and concern for an animal’s home environment are only a few of the approaches the Goldstein’s have implemented to address the emotional and spiritual needs of animals. In my mind, more subtle nuances such as including words like soul, or referring to emotional imbalance rather than behavioral problems in their writings, speak volumes about Bob and Susan’s level of caring for the kingdom of animals. As subtle as they seem, these “small” changes will, little by little, shift consciousness regarding animals in a profound and lasting way and I may be lucky enough in my lifetime to see my childhood prayer answered. As an animal communicator I can say that the animals themselves are deeply grateful to Bob and Susan for allowing me to be their spokesperson in this sacred endeavor.

From The Boundless Circle by: Dr. Michael Fox

“Let us draw a circle, a boundless circle of compassion
to include all creatures and Creation
within the scope of our reverence.
By so doing, we enrich the significance of our own lives
and enhance our own spiritual development.”