Natural Care and Healing For Your Dogs & Cats

A Shift in Consciousness May Tip the Balance
in the Flea & Tick Dilemma

Reprinted with permission from the May 2000 issue of Dr. Bob and Susan 
Goldsteins’ Love of Animals newsletter, 606 Post Rd. East, Westport, CT 
06880; for subscription information, call 800/211-6365.

     It’s a relationship almost as old as life itself. We’re talking about the “parasite/host” relationship in this case, the flea, tick or other bug is the parasite, and your animal is the host. For most of us, the prevailing paradigm goes something like this: “Fleas and ticks are bad, and we must do everything in our power to eliminate and destroy them...”

     For the last several decades, this way of thinking contributed to harsh methods of spraying and dosing with potent chemicals that took a toll on the very animals they were designed to protect. And funny how the tiny pests not only survived the attacks, but often roared back with a vengeance, mutating into ever more resistant “super fleas.”

     While we recently pondered this state of affairs for our annual review of flea and tick products, our friend, colleague and contributing editor, Sharon Callahan of Anaflora in Mt. Shasta, Calif., rang us up. As always, she challenged our thinking, this time gingerly hinting that we might also consider the bigger picture: human consciousness.

     Hang in there with us for a little while here, folks. We, too, were skeptical. The ongoing epidemic of Lyme disease, along with airborne spraying here in the Northeast for the mosquito-borne West Nile encephalitis virus, had us re-acting “No way can these pests be tolerated in any way, shape or form!”

     But Sharon quietly says, “It is my feeling that we should not try to eliminate any creature. To eliminate fleas and ticks completely makes no more sense then to exterminate all the wolves or all the buffaloes or all of anything. Each creature is an important member of the divine whole, each with a sacred part to play. In primitive cultures, insect bites and stings were and are considered auspicious. It is thought that in the process of biting or stinging, the insect is also transmitting information and energy of a positive nature and that the insect is often a messenger.”

     In fact, she continues, “A few fleas or ticks on a dog or cat are a normal thing. There have been studies done on fly patterns on horses before and after acupuncture and chiropractic treatment suggesting that flies (and I believe, fleas as well) may be responding to the animal’s subtle energy field, and that they (the flies) may be attracted by accumulations of energy along certain acupuncture meridians. Generally, when an animal is in balance physically, emotionally and energetically, the parasite/host balance is restored to a normal level.”

     Which is to say that the animal will be naturally unattractive to the bugs. So instead of wiping out the enemy, “What we need to do is to bring things into a natural, harmonious balance.” 

     You may still be skeptical about this approach to biting pests...after all, some cats and dogs mount an allergic reaction to the bite of a single flea. But from a scientific standpoint, we believe there is more than a modicum of credibility to this novel approach. For example, research has shown that horses raised in parasite-free environments are much more susceptible to parasite-induced diseases when challenged by the pests later in life. Their immune systems are strengthened by the presence of some internal parasites. Likewise, an occasional flea or tick on your animal will give his or her immune system a gentle wake-up call and actually strengthen its ability to withstand future bites.

     Flower essences can help rebalance your animal’s energy field and release you and your animal from the general fear and anxiety that give parasites the opening they are waiting for. “Insects respond to our fear and anger by becoming more persistent,” says Sharon. “If we offer them love, they respond as any other creature responds to love, by being cooperative and open.”

     If it is true that there is consciousness in all life, which we both believe, then imagine the feelings which parasites and insects pick up in our presence. We need to change our ways and thoughts, realizing that just as cancer cells feed off of fear, so do parasites. We invite you to consider this outlook while addressing your animal’s needs this spring, summer and fall. You may find that releasing your fear and making peace with all life forms can pave the way to true healing.

     ***Herbalists from Biblical times to the present believe there is a cure for all diseases in plants. The trick is knowing which ones to pick, grow and cultivate. Sharon Callahan sagely assist us in selecting the specialized flower essences to put into our products. 

     Herbal supplements are “bioactive,” addressing the problem at the level of the body by strengthening the immune system. Flower essences are “psychoactive,” addressing the animal at an emotional and spiritual level. The two work hand in hand: an emotionally balanced animal will have stronger immunity and will be less reactive to any parasites that are currently affecting them. On the spiritual side, if the soul of the animal is kept at a very high vibration, little will disturb the animal emotionally or physically.

     Flower essences may be added to the water bowl each time the water is changed, or given directly into the mouth three times daily. When possible, administer herbs and flower essences at least 15 minutes apart if given directly by mouth.

     Anaflora Be-Gone provides an emotion-balancing approach to fleas containing 12 flower essences grown on Mount Shasta in Northern California. These include wind flower to stabilize mood, temperament and physical vitality; lilac and wisteria, to balance the nervous system; flea bane (yes, it’s the bane of fleas!) and many others.

Be-Gone (three times daily or add to your animal’s fresh drinking water each day)

Cat or Small Dog (up to 14 lb) 5 drops
Medium Dog (1534 lb) 7 drops
Large Dog (3584 lb) 10 drops
Giant Dog (85+ lb) 12 drops

     If your animal is suffering from an allergic reaction to flea bites, use Anaflora Allergy Formula. It contains hibiscus, which reduces feelings of heat and inflammation; yarrow, to reduce absorption of negative energies and substances; red clover to address the anxiety that often results from an allergic outbreak and many others.