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Flower Essences Merge Science And Spirit

Reprinted with permission from the June 2000 issue of Dr. Bob and Susan 
Goldsteins’ Love of Animals newsletter, 606 Post Rd. East, Westport, CT 
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Editor’s Note:
     Here at Earth Animal Healing Center, we have been getting lots of positive feedback from our clients with regard to the clinical use of flower essences for a variety of conditions. These special remedies are now a part of the newly computerized BNA™, available through your veterinarian. We are pleased to begin an occasional series designed to familiarize you with their use and potential for emotional balancing and physical healing in your dog, cat or other animal. We asked our Contributing Editor, Sharon Callahan of Anaflora, Mt. Shasta, Calif., to discuss the emerging field called Energetic Medicine.

By Sharon Callahan
     To understand how flower essences work, it is necessary to take the somewhat unconventional approach of viewing the living world as something that extends beyond our usual concepts of a solid, limited, three-dimensional reality. For this purpose, it may be more useful to think of a human or animal as a multi-dimensional being comprised of three intermingled energy “bodies”, including the emotional, the mental and the physical.

     Each of these bodies is infused with what many people call the “life force” or “spirit”. A disharmony in any one creates the potential for illness. Only when there is a balance or equilibrium in each of these three dimensions can the body do its job properly and allow that being to progress in all aspects of its destiny. Flower essences work on the physical, mental and/or emotional planes. As the essence enters the physical body, usually orally, it gives off a pure, harmonious frequency. The aspect that is “out of harmony” is drawn to this healthy frequency and begins to vibrate in harmony with it. While this may sound ephemeral, in essence, it is the principle of resonance which we learned in high school physics. Do you remember the demonstration of striking a tuning fork at one end of the room while another tuning fork, at rest, at the other end of the room, would begin to vibrate in harmony with it? In the words of Dr. Edward Bach, the founder of flower essence therapy: “The action of the flower essences raises the vibration of the being and opens up channels for the reception of the Spiritual Self. They cure not by attacking disease, but by flooding the being with the particular virtue needed and to wash out that which is causing harm. They are able, like beautiful music, or any glorious uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures. They provide creative patterns of harmony that bring us nearer to our souls, and by that very act bring us peace and relieve our suffering. They cure by flooding the body with the beautiful vibrations of the Highest whose presence there is the opportunity for disease to melt away like ... ‘snow in the sunshine’.” As well as introducing a pattern of harmony into a system where there is discord, flower essences can provide a frequency which is missing. For instance, an animal that has been abandoned or abused may have never experienced love from either its mother or human caretakers. It may become withdrawn, depressed and “spirit-damaged.” Taking an essence formula which opens the heart to love and trust and which releases past trauma will gently and lovingly urge it toward a more healthy vibration.

How Do Flower Essences Work?
     All of life is infused with an innate intelligence, along with a natural tendency toward harmony and balance. Essences work to change that which is out of balance or lacking in the being who takes them. They create an allowance, a freedom of expression between the higher realms and the point of time in which the being finds itself consciously expressing now. They encourage a focus on the challenging areas of disharmony and support and assist the soul’s growth.

     Flower Essence Therapy is part of a newly emerging field of energetic medicine in the Western world. When addressing issues of illness and health, this system of medicine incorporates information about the mind, emotions and spirit, thus treating the whole being. While our ability to understand our world through principles of scientific discovery have developed incredibly during the recent past, at the present time there is no scientific explanation of how flower essences actually work. While this may be unsettling to some, consider that scientific knowledge cannot understand many aspects of healing. For example, homeopathic medicine, to which flower essence therapy is very closely related, is and continues to be a respected healing modality despite the lack of a scientific explanation of how it assists the body in its healing process. Acupuncture, a centuries-old Chinese medical treatment, is able to create successful healing across a wide spectrum of health concerns, yet until recently suffered ridicule and dismissal by the conventional medical establishment. Through research and better understanding, it is now accepted as a useful addition to standard medical treatment, even though its mode of healing still cannot be fully explained in scientific terms.

     Flower essences have been researched and used successfully for over 50 years. Flower essence therapy is able to create a successful return to balance and health although, as with acupuncture, there is still lacking a detailed scientific explanation of how it works. It is the quality and numbers of successful treatments that are the highest recommendation for flower essence therapy. Stated simply, flower essences provide patterns of harmony that assist the body in its return to a natural state of vibrant health.

How Anaflora Began.
     Mt. Shasta, home of Anaflora, is known worldwide for the purity of its air and water and is considered one of the world’s sacred mountains. The energy of Mt. Shasta combines with the energy of the flowers, intensifying and “spiritualizing” their effects. Anaflora essences are made with a deep respect for Mt. Shasta and her fragile, sacred landscape. No plants are harmed during the essence-making process and none are made in environmentally fragile locations. As I prepare each of the Anaflora essences, the specific flowers are floated on the surface of a bowl of spring water and left in the sun for three hours. During this time, the vibrational imprint of the flower is transferred to the water which is then preserved and stored for future use. Although divinely inspired, each Anaflora flower essence formula has proven itself effective in clinical trials and through years of successful treatment of animals worldwide. Anaflora flower essence formulas are now endorsed and used by veterinarians - the perfect merging of science and spirit!

What Makes Anaflora Flower Essences Special?
     Intent is a large component of any healing modality. At Anaflora, each essence is made with the sole purpose of healing animals and promoting the healing of the human/animal relationship. This intent permeates the entire Anaflora process from beginning to end. In other words, the Anaflora flower essences are not essences that were made for human use and then adapted for use with animals as an afterthought, but rather they are made for animals and their specific needs. Anaflora is a unique system of healing created exclusively for the animal kingdom. All of the formulas address the releasing of emotional scars and wounds that impede the soul growth of animals. For further information about Anaflora essences, or to explore which flower essence may be indicated for your animal, call the Earth Animal Healing Center at 800/622-0260.