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Emotional And Spiritual Aspects Of Kidney And
Bladder Blockages: Another View

Reprinted with permission from the October 1999 issue of Dr. Bob and Susan Goldsteins' Love of Animals newsletter, 606 Post Rd. East, Westport, CT 06880; for subscription information, call 800/211-6365.

By Sharon Callahan

     As with all states of dis-ease, kidney and bladder issues, particularly blockages and stones in these areas of an animals body, have a strong emotional/spiritual component that must be addressed for healing to be complete and lasting.

     Metaphysically speaking the body fluids such as urine, bile, blood, tears, etc. relate to the emotions. This can be understood if one considers the symbolism of water, the moon and the tides to the cycles of life and the corresponding emotions that are felt as the elements wax and wane. When an organ that produces fluid of any kind is blocked, one can almost always be assured that there is a corresponding blockage of emotion that needs addressing. The kidneys have a relationship with the emotion of fear and often an animal that has kidney stones or blockage is in some way stifled in its ability to express and release issues of fear. Although medications can be given and kidney stones can be broken up or removed, unless the underlying fear is addressed the condition is bound to flare up again. The physical bladder mirrors anxiety. Since anxiety is just a lesser form fear, so the same mode of treatment is called for.

     In my opinion almost all animals need to be treated for fear. Even if an animal has been handled with love since infancy, the treatment of animals as a whole has been so brutal over the centuries that animals are born trailing a collective fear that must be addressed for them to live comfortably in present time. Treating an animal for fear and the release of fear, can easily and gently be accomplished with the use of flower essences. Flower essences such as the Anaflora Return to Joy Formula which addresses deep seated fear and collective trauma, will in most cases clear the animal of deep and sometimes unconscious states of fear that could not be touched by any other means. If you are fearful and the animal is absorbing your fear the Special Stress Formula can be given after several weeks on the Return to Joy. Since animals often absorb the fears and anxieties of the humans with whom they live, consider taking Return to Joy with your animal friend we all need release from accumulated fear and anxiety!

     Flower essences work on the level of the soul, shifting and uplifting consciousness so that an animal can move forward un-encumbered by collective or personal fear. I feel that when we treat our own companion animal in this way, we not only release the individual animal from fear, but in some way the healing is transferred to the soul of all animals, and the entire species is uplifted.

     In treating kidney and bladder disease in particular, treat the "whole" animal - body, mind and spirit. The healing will then be long lasting and you will have taken a step towards the healing of all animals everywhere.


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