Sharon is pleased to announce her association with Bob Goldstein, V.M.D. and Susan Goldstein, Animal Nutrition Specialist

Sharon has been working with Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein since 1999 on the clinical application of flower essences in their veterinary practice and has joined their staff of animal health care professionals offering her expertise as an animal communicator and creator of the Anaflora Flower Essences For Animals an important components of the Goldstein Holistic Health Program. Sharon had the great honor to write for Dr. Bob and Susan's loved and respected Love of Anim
als Newsletter for many of these years offering information on the Anaflora flower essences and their use, along with views on the emotional and spiritual aspects of animal healing. In 2004 Love of Animals took a rest due to the increased demand for Dr. Bob and Susan's ministrations in other areas of their practice. We all hope that one day Love of Animals will wake from her slumber for a new round as a vehicle for leading edge information on animal care.

Most recently, Sharon contributed flower essence data to Dr. Bob and Susans Guide to Longevity for Dogs andCats, a wonderful in depth manual to guide you in the optimum care of your beloved animal companion.

Both Dr. Bob Goldstein, V.M.D. and Susan Goldstein Animal Nutrition and Well-being Consultant, are available for private consultations. For information or an appointment and to order the book mentioned above call 203-222-0260 or visit

Appointments with Sharon Callahan for flower essence consultations and animal communication sessions ( or a combination of the two) can be made through Dr. Goldstein's office, (203) 222-0260, or directly through the contact form.