Reflections Of The Heart What Our Animal Companions Tell Us

By Deborah Demoss Smith Foreword by Dr. Allen Schoen

Howell Book House September 2004

Award winning journalist Deborah Demoss Smith relates true and inspirational stories of the human and animal lives Sharon Callahan has touched. Reflections of the Heart illustrates how the sometimes puzzling behavior of animals often mirrors our own actions and feelings. These stirring accounts offer a window into the emotional, mental and spiritual lives of our animal companions - and remarkable insight into the special bond between animals and people.


     As we walk down the street together in front of her home, Sharon is stopped by a petite, elderly woman driving an old pickup truck. The woman asks her if she knows where Sharon Callahan lives. Sharon cheerfully chuckles and acknowledges that she is looking at her. Within minutes, the woman is sharing her story with Sharon and shedding tears of joy just being in her presence. She had been directed to Sharon by a local bookstore to show her a beautiful St. Francis statue on her front door. Sharon not only shows the woman the statue, but gives it to her as a present. The woman weeps with gratitude. This is the way Sharon is, and this is the effect she has on almost everyone. Savor the stories in "Reflections of the Heart" that describe Sharon's gift of healing...healing with love, wisdom and compassion. I wish that all who read this book have an opportunity to spend some time with this wonderful being who spreads her love wherever she is and makes this planet a brighter, more loving place. 
Allen Schoen, D.V.M., M.S., author: Love, Miracles and Animal Healing and Kindred Spirits 

     It's a sign of the times that when I received a copy of yet another book about animal telepathic communication with humans, I felt blasť. After all, I have at least a half-dozen books on the subject. But Reflections of the Heart: What Our Animal Companions Tell Us is by Portland writer Deborah DeMoss Smith, so I felt I ought to check it out. I'm glad I did. This page-turning book is different. For starters, much of the book is a biography of well-known California animal intuitive Sharon Callahan. The author met Callahan when her veterinarian suggested her cat could benefit from a consultation.

The animal intuitive has an interesting life history of loss and spirituality that even a complete skeptic will find compelling. Callahan says animals may take on our troubles, or they may shine as an example -- of friendship, compassion or courage, for example -- but they mirror the lessons we need to learn. The book includes stories of 13 of Callahan's clients and the lessons the animals taught them about things such as finding a passion for living, learning to lighten up, following the heart's lead and aging with grace.
Deborah Wood, The Oregonian, Nov 9, 2004

     When Deborah DeMoss Smith's vet suggested she contact animal communicator Sharon Callahan to help solve the mystery of her cat's illness, the writer was so impressed by the experience that she was inspired to write a book about Sharon's life and work. Reflections of the Heart -- What Our Animal Companions Tell Us is both biography and a fascinating exploration of the world of animal communication.

The book traces Sharon's life from her childhood, and shows how her intuitive connection with animals, together with two life-altering crises and a near death experience, led her to become an internationally renowned anima communicator. You'll also read about the creatures Sharon has communicated with, from Fiona, a feisty little cat who taught her guardians to lighten up, to Rudy, a border collie who promised his young human friend he would always be with her, even after death.

Reflections of the Heart makes inspiring and profound reading. While giving us an illuminating glimpse into the hearts, minds and souls of our animal friends.
-- Animal Wellness Magazine

     "Reflections of the Heart is Sharon's biography, lovingly rendered by DeMoss Smith, a longtime client of Sharon's. Flowing through its pages, you'll be moved by the experiences Sharon has had during a lifetime communicating intuitively with animals... When you read Reflections of the Heart, we are sure that you'll be touched by the many inspirational stores shared. We believe there's a collective purpose behind Sharon, her work and the animals whose spiritual and emotional essence profoundly comes through its 171 pages."
Robert Goldstein, V.M.D, Susan Goldstein, Love of Animals Newsletter 


"Thanks to Deborah Demoss Smith readers of Reflections of the Heart will be touched and healed profoundly by animal intuitive Sharon Callahan's life and work, just as we have been."
Bob Goldstein, D.V.M. and Susan Goldstein,, Earth Animal and The Healing Center for Animals.

"A gold mine of inspiration, compassion and love. Anyone who loves animals will love them more after reading this wonderful collection of stories. Deborah Demoss Smith knows just how to reconnnect us with the magic, splendor, and awe of our animal kin through Sharon Callahan's intuitive experience."
Marc Bekoff, Professor of Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder, and coauthor of The Ten Trusts (with Jane Goodall)

"Do our animal companions understand us? How can we understand them? Reflections of the Heart gives us Sharon Callahan's thought-provoking perspective on animal-human relationships. Definitely a most illuminating read for all animal lovers."
David Frei, cohost of The Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show


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