Spiritus CD and Companion Flower Essence Formula

   Spiritus is composed and recorded specifically with the intention of clearing past disharmony, opening new channels to the inflow of grace, restoring balance, and facilitating deep communion between all species. This special music is encoded with sacred sounds and mantra from all the spiritual traditions for the specific purpose or re-sanctifying the animal/human bond. 

For over a decade in my animal healing practice, I have experienced animals who though loved deeply and cared for tenderly continue to manifest states of fear and anxiety out of proportion to present circumstances. This fear often fails to respond to even the finest allopathic and holistic therapies and has as its core a deep seated mistrust of human intention based on animals collective experience of us. What seemed most profoundly needed was a collective act of redemption or atonement (At-One-Ment), transcending space and time with the power to recreate a foundation of sacred trust, ultimately enabling animals and ourselves to move forward toward our highest potential. 

May this offering of Spiritus be a musical sanctuary for all who believe that Gods unlimited love and compassion extends to non-humans and through them to all of nature and Earth itself. 
Sharon Callahan, Animal Communication Specialist, Mt. Shasta, CA

Internationally acclaimed musician Patrick Bernard, meditation teacher and musician Purusha Ananda, animal communication specialist Sharon Callahan and awards winning producer/composer Robert Lafond have come together as the vehicle for this offering of healing between species. 

Let there be light, and love, and healing for all beings.

Your purchase of this album from Anaflora will support projects that directly benefit animals and help raise consciousness as to the sacredness of our non-human brothers and sisters.

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