Sharon and Tomato The Cat at the
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Kanab, Utah

     Describing myself as an animal communicator is something people understand, but what actually takes place is quite different than that. Communication implies a relationship of one being to another. What I do is more of a merging with the animal.

     Although I have worked and communicated with animals all of my life, after a near death experience many years ago, I was given the ability to commune with animals in a very unique way. When I attune to an animal, I experience an actual merging of myself and the animal. In this merged state, I am able to feel what the animal feels and experience what it experiences. So the animal is not actually "telling" me something in the way that we usually perceive of "telling," but it is more that the animal allows my soul to merge with its soul.

     This merging gives me access not only to the animals current state of health and well being, but often allows me to view the entire "life stream" consciousness of that particular species. Life stream in the broadest sense is a morphic field or soul group energy associated with a particular life form such as Dog, Cat, Horse, Elephant. or Human. A life stream can extend throughout time and across many incarnations of a particular being or whole species of beings. Tapping into the animal's life stream consciousness allows access to information about karmic learning's being played out in the individual animal and its overall species. 

     Life stream consciousness or soul group karma often intensifies an animals suffering. This can be understood if one considers, for example, that dogs as a species come to teach and to learn about unconditional love. At the same time, they carry in their cells the group memory of centuries of abuse and neglect at the hands of cruel and insensitive people. Even when the animal's present experience of neglect or abuse may seem minor, it is often overshadowed by this life stream consciousness that includes experience of abuse and neglect that have been accumulating for centuries. Because animals are intimately attuned to group soul, these karmic influences must be taken into account when treating current difficulties. (If all of this seems overwhelming or complicated just remember that Love above all else is the supreme healer.)

     The effects of soul group karma can be observed in a very dramatic way with horses. Historically horses have been treated deplorably by human beings. The very animal that has played such an instrumental roll in the development of civilization has been used, abused, beaten, neglected, and discarded when no longer "useful" with hardly a second thought. Horses that have given their entire lives in service or companionship to human beings are often, at the end of their lives, sent to slaughter by those they served to be rendered into food for human consumption or food for other "pets." Is it any wonder that I receive so many calls from people who describe their horses as fearful and anxious, or angry and mean for "no apparent reason." If on considers the soul group karma of horses it is easy to see why they have trouble trusting us; why they often put up an aloof barrier of protection between their hearts and ours; why they are often fearful and angry.

     When I do a "reading", in addition to merging with the animal in order to obtain information and insight, I attune to the entire family dynamic or relationship between animal and human so that the situation can be viewed holistically. Animals respond to both human thought forms and behavior. For this reason where present time difficulties are concerned, an adjustment in the caretaker's behavior, or the family dynamics, may be what is needed to heal the condition in the animal. For example, if a person is struggling with work or money issues, a dog or cat in the house might experience physical difficulties and become sick and unable to eat or absorb its food fully. Or the animal may begin to urinate or defecate inappropriately. Once the person dealing with the money issues progresses to the point where self-love replaces feelings of inadequacy, this love can be poured into and absorbed by the animal with great beneficial results. 

     Because my sensitivity extends to the plant kingdom, I am able to perceive an overlapping quality between many plant and animal life streams. During an attunement, I am usually presented with the image of a flower or flowers that would be of benefit in harmonizing the effects of life stream consciousness, karmic influences and present life experience on the particular animal. Often the image is one of the animal's face super-imposed on a flower. It is most beneficial if both the animal and all those within the family with whom it interacts take flower essences together. This of course is always dependent upon the particular situation and the willingness of family members to take the essences. 

     An essence or combination of essences is then mixed from my repertoire of essences which include hundreds that I make myself, with the addition of a few unavailable in my area that are made by others. I use my own essences primarily, as I have found that the healings are more profound when my own energy has run through the entire process.

     When the eyes of the heart are opened, the creation is revealed as it really is . . . the body of Divine Light. Everything in it is shown irradiated naturally by Light and known as utterly Sacred and Holy. Being initiated into this glory is essential for all of us now for it is only by knowing what nature really is and in what a splendid divine theatre we are that we will find in ourselves the hope and energy and passion necessary to do everything in our power to protect the planet and all the miraculous life it enfolds.

     We can discover how to attune ourselves to the music of this one Life. We can nurture in ourselves the vision of the child, the poet, the artist, and those who live close to nature. We can learn how to heal the heart; our own heart and the heart of every creature. Healing the heart is about cherishing in every sense: cherishing the soul which has been neglected for so many centuries; cherishing the body which has been despised and rejected; cherishing the lives which have been entrusted to us; cherishing the Earth which is the great field of all our endeavours.

From "The Mystic Vision" by Andrew Harvey

Sharon Callahan, Mt. Shasta


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