"Animals have souls and conscious awareness. They experience all the same emotions that human beings experience. They think and feel. They experience sadness and grief. They can communicate their thoughts and feelings to us. And sometimes in the process of doing so they can open our hearts and eyes to new and beautiful ways of looking at ourselves, our lives and the world in general."


     Sharon Callahan offers private telepathic sessions during which she connects with the soul of your animal offering telepathic information, diagnostic insight, inspiration and guidance. During a session, Sharon will take an in-depth history of your animal discussing any behavior or health concerns that currently exist. She will telepathically communicate with your animal to gain insight from the animal himself. From the information received, a customized flower essence formula will be prescribed to support resolution of the current situation.

     In communication with the animal, Sharon is often able to resolve the current situation and reveal valuable insight into areas in which unfoldment may be blocked for both the animal and guardian. Areas that can be addressed during a session include:

  • behavior resolution.
  • the challenges of a multi-pet home.
  • discovering the sacred connection between you and your animal.
  • how your animal views life and what he has come to learn from you and to teach you.
  • your life purpose viewed through the eyes of your animal.
  • travel and moving with animals.
  • litter box avoidance-support for a natural diet and lifestyle.
  • chronic and acute illness support.
  • when to stop treating the elderly or ill animal.
  • euthanasia decisions:
  • support for a natural and meaningful death.
  • grief counseling for people and animals.
  • soul assistance for the animal during the after-death journey.
  • after death messages from your animal companion.
  • spiritual healing and silent prayer.
  • private telepathic communication instruction.
  • missing animal.
  • intuitive insight.
  • senior animals.
  • focused spiritual support for you and your animal friend
  • spiritual counselling and life purpose readings for people

Sharon Says:

     "One of the most important aspects of my work is to assist my clients in dispelling the power of fear in their lives. Fear is not just an emotion. Fear is the largest block to personal growth and the potential of the spirit to excel. This is true of human beings and animals alike. Fear binds us to inner conflict and deprives us of a sense of individual freedom. If we are in fear in any aspect of our lives we cannot live in love.

     In my work, I assist my clients to see ways in which they may be allowing fear to enter into their lives and minds and how that fear effects their physical and emotional health as well as the physical and emotional health of the human and non-human beings with whom they live. I help them to recognize the energy of fear and ways they can change the beliefs that lead to fear. This empowers them and opens them to endless creative possibilities and growth catalyzing, a more healthful life for those around them as well.

     Animals, in addition to suffering from their own fears and insecurities, are often absorbing and reflecting the fears and neurosis of their human companions. This is not at all bad thing, but rather a magnificent synchronistic merging of two spirits that has the power to catalyze healing for both the human being and the animal alike so that together they can achieve their full soul potential.

     Often the most profound transformations for my clients come during the experience of a beloved animal companion’s aging and death process. Fear of the loss of a dear companion is one of the greatest life fears. Therefore, facing and overcoming such fear at the time of an animal’s death can hold the greatest potential and power for spiritual transformation of any other single life event. This is one of the greatest gifts that our animal companions have to give us….the gift of transformation.

     If such a situation is recoiled from, we can be driven into deeper states of fear and suffering. If met with grace and valor, such a situation holds the power to release both the one dying and the one witnessing the death from the dark grip of fear. With the catalyst of such a situation, the witness can be released to live in the way of ecstasy and the one dying can be released to merge freely and completely with the all encompassing light and love of the creator.”

     For more on grieving the death of a beloved animal companion see the Grieving Pages and the Articles Section for the article Cognitive Dysfunction in the Senior Animal.

     It is helpful but not essential to have a photograph of the animal prior to our telephone session. You might want to send a photo of yourself, too! Please send photos that we can keep on file for future reference. A color photo copy works just fine. Appointments can be made by contacting the Anaflora office or use our contact form.

The Aquarian Testament

When you come to me, know that we are both the Essence of God.
I will welcome you with honor, gratitude, and love.

And if you bring me anger, may I give you love;
If you bring fear, may I give you courage.
If you bring sorrow, may I give you joy;
If you bring me uncertainty and doubt, may I give you peace.
And if you come willing to receive,
May I give you all that I am.

When you come to me,
I will see you and know you to be who you truly are,
Perfect in every way,

May all healing between us
Begin in the endless heart, yours, mine, and that of all life,
Now and forever.

**"I had an appointment with you mid April, you helped me communicate with my dog, Nushka. I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful impact your session had on me. During my session you suggested that I explore meditation as well as my own psychic abilities. Well, I attended an animal communication seminar in May, and with Nushka as my guide, I was able to participate in several meditation exercises that were truly amazing. I had felt Nushka around me prior to and after speaking with you, but now that I know how to quite my mind, she washes over me daily like a warm bath, its really wonderful. I wanted to thank you so much for starting me on this path that I might have never taken. Nushka's death has made me more of a spiritual being, and as a result I am more calm, and I don't worry nearly as much. Thank you for everything."
Teri Robinson, Maine