We invite you to share your experience in using the Anaflora flower essences and flower essence formulas with your animal companions and/or the animals you care for in your shelter, sanctuary or healing practice.

     At Anaflora we are deeply committed to the healing of animals and the healing of the relationship between animals and human beings. As the leader in the field of flower essence therapy in the treatment of animals, we are committed also, to continuing research into the usefulness of flower essences with animals. This is accomplished through plant study and research as well as clinical observation of the effects of flower essences on animals.

     We are preparing many case studies for inclusion in an upcoming book. If you would like your case study to be part of this book and/or to appear on the Anaflora website please indicate so on the case study form. If you do not want your case to be shared you may indicate that also. If you would like us to use your case study but would like to remain anonymous you may designate this as well and your study will be used, but the names and locations changed to preserve your privacy.

     Your observations are very important to our research. Your willingness to share your story with us and with other animal lovers is a gift that will benefit animals and people in profound and lasting ways.

Anaflora thanks you and the animals thank you.







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Your Report

  1. Please tell us your story involving the use of Anaflora flower essences.

  2. Did you consult with Sharon or have a telepathic session with your animal as part of the animal's healing?

  3. Did you make your own essence or essence formula selection?

  4. Did you have the advice of a veterinarian, flower essence practitioner or other therapist?

  5. What essences or essence formulas were used?

  6. How were these particular essences chosen?

  7. What emotional or physical issues were these essences addressing?

  8. Please describe how the essences were administered: Given directly into the mouth?

  9. Rubbed on the ears or foot pads?

  10. Sprayed in the environment?

  11. Administered in some other way?

  12. Were other animals in the family treated at the same time?

  13. With the same essence formula?

  14. With different formulas?

  15. Did you and other human family members take essences too?

  16. How often did you and other human family members take the essence?

  17. Were there any other modalities used to treat the animal in conjunction with the flower essences?

  18. Homeopathy? Acupuncture? Herbs? TTouch? Aromatherapy? Vitamin therapy? Behavior training? Holistic veterinary care? Allopathic veterinary care? Both holistic and allopathic veterinary care? Surgery? Other?

  19. What effects and/or changes did you notice as a result?

  20. When did you first notice these effects and/or changes?

  21. Did other family members and friends notice these effects and/or changes?

  • Please don't let the length of this list of questions intimidate you. It is offered only as a guide. We are happy to have your comments no matter how brief. Details are important to our research, however, so if you have the time please elaborate for us and feel free to add to your case study at any point in the future.

  • If you would like to prepare your case study off-line you can mail or fax it to us.

  • Do you have photos you would like to share? We would love to have them.

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