By Marilyn Heim, NY

     I have 3 cats, Gracie, 10, Lucy, 5 and Ricky 5. Gracie lost her brother Georgie about 3 years ago and I thought our household was getting along. When I introduced Lucy and Ricky to Georgie and Gracie 5 years ago, the two pair never were great friends but seemed to tolerate each other. Lucy especially was timid and shy. 

In the summer of 2001, my cats became very, very excited by a feline intruder, outside. My cats are indoor cats. When the intruder came around the house, everyone would get excited and there would be hissing, spitting and very ugly feline howling. The problem climaxed in October 2002 when Gracie absolutely went off the deep end and developed aggression toward Lucy. She would be on the attack and poor Lucy would cower (there is a 5 pound difference between the 2, with Lucy only at 6.5 pounds full grown). I immediately had to separate Lucy and Gracie and Gracie was confined to a room in our house. If I let her out at all, she would make a mad dash toward Lucy and it would really get ugly. I was afraid Lucy would be torn apart. Gracie hissed and spit at everything including my Husband, which was very, very upsetting. The only one she would tolerate was me.

At her worse point, I took her to the vet and they found nothing physically wrong. First indications were that she had had a stroke because her behavior was so bizarre. They gave me sedatives which absolutely broke my heart to give her because she would wobble and fall but still hiss like a trooper. 

I was at my wits end because the household was in deep turmoil. My cats are my life...and life was not good.

I did some reading and found out that Gracie had "misplaced aggression". We confined her to one special room in the house where it took weeks for her to calm down. I called in a Behavioralist who visited my home, observed and told me to confine Gracie for a minimum of 2 weeks with no sight or communication with Lucy and Ricky. By the way, Ricky is a 13 pound male and wouldn't take any of Gracies attacks or meanness. He just gave it back to her! During the 2 week period, I spent every moment I could with Gracie in an attempt to calm her down. She was a nervous wreck. During that time I contacted an Animal Communicator who helped me with my household problem and told me about Anaflora flower essences for animals. I thought she was off her rocker but I got on the website and ordered Return to Joy.

I gave the product to Gracie in her water bowl and did rub it on her ears and pads. I also gave it to Ricky and Lucy in their water bowl. Within a few days when I began to reintroduce my clan, I notice a calmness. Things weren't back to normal, but it was just calmer.

During Nov, Dec and Jan, I kept Gracie confined when we weren't home but gave her some of the rest of the house every so often. I continued with Return to Joy and purchased the healing spray which I began to spray in Gracies room...and I began to let the other cats into her space. Slowly, we were all in the room hissing, no spitting, just quiet. I recently purchased Columbine and White Lily which I give to Lucy because of her timid ness. Lucy still gets skid dish once in a while but she is like a new cat...In fact, my entire household is back to normal, even better than before.

My husband and I both work full time and 2 weeks ago, we began to let all 3 cats have the run of the house, even when we are not home. I was nervous at first but there have been absolutely no incidents of hissing, stalking or growling. The only physical change in the house, is that I don't leave the blinds open during the day in case that intruder cat is around. I don't want that redirected aggression to happen again.

I am about to order Essence of Nature along with another bottle of Return to Joy.

I called the Behavior Therapist and told her about the flower essences and she is going to order and begin to use in her practice. She is utterly amazed at the change in my household compared to what she saw last November.

I am a true believe in the value of the Anaflora flower essences. I have seen first hand how it transformed my cats into the peaceful creatures they are meant to be. I will never be without them and I have talked them up to everyone I know.

I have also taken the Anaflora Essences myself and have found a calmness with them. The Emotional Balancing and Healing Spray was especially good. I used it at night when Gracie and I would spend the night in her room.

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