Shy Chow Dog
by Sharon Callahan

     I have been using Anaflora Flower Essence formulas and having Sharon communicate with my ferrets for over a year now with great success, but this is the best flower essence story ever! A Chow type dog had been hanging around our property for the last two 1/2 weeks. He wouldn't let us get within a hundred yards of him. He was fearful and not interested in people but he seemed to want to hang around anyway. Finally I put out a large bowl of water for him and added Sharon's Recovery Remedy, Return to Joy and Special Stress formulas. Then I went shopping thinking maybe after a few days he would start coming closer. When I came back from shopping, half of the water was gone and he was waiting on my patio. As I got out of the car, he came over to me wagging his tail and talking. I couldn't believe it was the same dog! 

Barbara Ludt
Florida Ferret Rescue

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