by Sharon Callahan

Jasper (11-8-95)

     Jasper is a four year old purebred golden Retriever, spayed female with a mellow disposition. She exhibits no behavior challenges and is well behaved when left indoors by herself for long periods. She was diagnosed with Aspergillus. Jasper's condition began with a runny nose and eye, right side. Bad smell from nose. Jasper has a history of skin problems, infections, cut paws and paw chewing. Homeopathic Sepia stopped the paw chewing for some time but it has recently returned. Jasper has had the standard vaccinations and has a history of antibiotic and steroids treatment. Both Jasper and her human companion Carol suffer from depressive episodes. Jasper alternates between depression/withdrawal and engaging, euphoric behavior. Because Carol is a Physician, and often on call at a hospital there isn't a routine for Jasper to settle in to. Jasper has a strong emotional bond with Carol and seems to worry and become anxious at times. The inconsistency of Carol's work schedule adds to Jaspers anxiety. Intuitive impressions (spiritual, emotional) arrived at through telepathic communication. Extreme emotional bonding with Carol. Jasper feels what Carol feels and experiences anxiety along with Carol. Jasper picks us Carol's concern for her patients and is attuned to Carol while she is at work picking up the concern and pressure that Carol experiences at those times. Ability to breathe in life is obstructed from emotional pain and anxiety. She doesn't understand what she is feeling emotionally, so diverts her attention from the emotional suffering with paw chewing ( possible allergic component) and breathing discomfort.

     Treatment: Jasper was treated with Red Chestnut, Blackberry, Evening Primrose, St John's Wort, and Pennyroyal (4 wks) and then with Pansy, Water Hemlock and Date Palm ( 1mo.)

     Results: (12-15-95) After three and a half weeks on the essences Jasper sneezed one evening and expelled a large dark chunk from her right nostril. She has been free of nasal discharge and odor for about six weeks and is much less depressed.

     Most recently (2-1-96) Jasper is being treated with Homeopathic Silica and a slight nasal discharge is present again. We are feeling that this is a deep level symptom release due to the action of the homeopathy and are hopeful that Jasper will work through the symptom profile once again and be completely well. We are monitoring her progress closely. We have discontinued essence treatment until the homeopatic treatment is complete. We will then resume.

     7-27-96 Jasper finished Homeopathic treatment and is doing well, no nasal discharge.

     (Aspergillusacute or chronic intoxication due to ingestion of feed contaminated with toxins produced during growth of fungi or molds. Can cause liver damage and death.)

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