Louie's Hot Spots Disappear
by Sharon Callahan

     Louie is a twelve year old Cocker Spaniel Poodle cross recently melancholic and suffering from hot spots around the tail and on paws. Louie's human companion Gail has been with Louie since he was six weeks old. He was given to her by a man who was unable to keep him. Louie has always been a happy dog until the recent melancholic episodes. He is very sturdy physically although he has always had a heart murmur. Carol is a runner and has been for many years. Louie is her running companion and as such has had lots of physical exercise his whole life. He is extremely healthy in a general sense and is often mistaken for a puppy.

     Intuitive Impressions: Carol is a very spiritually oriented person and Louie has a very strong bond with her. Through the years when Carol would experience a spiritual opening or expansion Louie felt the full force of these openings as well, and over time had become increasingly anxious as a result of his inability to integrate the high spiritual side of Carolís experience with the often times contrasting difficult memories from her childhood that would also arise causing her some discomfort as they released from her emotional body. Louie was at times overwhelmed by the intensity and often conflicting emotions that Carol experienced at such times and he worried that something bad would happen to her. As a massage therapist working in her home, Carol often assisted her clients in the release of traumatic emotions. Louie often felt at the mercy of the emotions of Carolís clients too. 

     Louie was simply absorbing negative emotions from others and unable to process and release them. absorbs. These absorbed emotions were literally itching to get out! They are itching to get out. Louie also experiences some anxiety as a result of his aging/slowing down process and had become depressed at the thought of not being able to keep up with Carol when she went running. The man who gave Louie up originally did so because he felt taking care of a puppy was too much trouble. Louie wondered if, as he grew older, he will be too much trouble for Joyce too. Louie wanted very much to experience the positive aspects of Carolís spiritual life with but could not adequately process the psychic toxicity absorbed from Joyce and her clients. . His skin itched and his heart murmured.

Flower Essence Treatment
     Yerba Santa essence intuitively chosen, was given alone for two weeks. (I suspect that giving it to him once would have been enough, but in order to satisfy all concerned we gave it for a two week period)

     We then let Louie rest for two weeks without essences. During that time Louie stopped licking his hot spots and Joyce described him as happier and lighter ďas if something has been released from his inner being.Ē 

     We followed up with Anaflora Special Stress Formula to help Louie not fall back into absorbing negative emotions from others.

     In a follow-up consultation with Carol six months after our initial treatment Louie was doing fine and had even survived the spring without his usual itching and runny eyes. A year later Louie continues to be free of hot spots and shows no anxiety. We have put him on the Senior Formula for maintenance with Special Stress used as needed.

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