by Percie Kane

     My beautiful Molly came to me as a semi-feral outdoor cat. She wouldn't let me get anywhere near her until she began experiencing severe pain in her body from an accident. She was in so much pain that she finally let me pet her on the head. I brought her inside and put her in my extra bedroom room where she has lived ever since. I took her to a regular vet, but he couldn't do anything for her, and said that she had either arthritis or rheumatism and that they didn't really have anything for cats that would be useful. I then tried a more natural vet. She tried several different things but none of them ever worked. For a while her condition worsened. She would try to get up and go to her litter box and she was so hunched down when she would walk, you could see that it really hurt her. Then she almost crawled to the litter box and she would have to sit in her litter box for a little while and rest before she could get up and walk back to her bed yet she would never make a mess. I had made her a bed in a box, but had to take the blankets out and lay them flat on the floor as it got too much for her to step into the box. She finally got to where she could no longer get up and walk at all so I would carefully slide my hands under her and pick her up in my arms to move her and clean her blankets. Sometimes I would take her out in the front yard with me and lay her on the grass to get some fresh air and sunshine. The vet said she wasn't paralyzed and couldn't come up with any reason for her pain and inability to use her legs. She would lay flat on her side most all of the time, she couldn't even sit up. I was unsure as what to do. i didn't know how much she was suffering, and I didn't know if I was doing her right by keeping her alive or if I should put her to sleep, but I had faith. Molly got to the point not long ago where I could no longer pick her up and put her on my lap because it hurt her too much, and then finally she got to where I couldn't even move her at all.

     When I found Sharon, she communicated with Molly. Molly said that she wanted to live, and that she hadn't given up, and that she had never had a human being love her before, and that she was happy just experiencing being loved by me and was ok with the life that she had. Molly said that her pain was not unbearable and that she thought my love would make her better. Molly asked Sharon if I was going to keep her forever, and if she could be a house cat for the rest of her time. It was so touching to hear this. Sharon began working with Molly telepathically each day and she sent Return to Joy flower essences for her. For a while not much happened, but Sharon didn't give up and kept working with her. One day a few weeks later, Molly sat up with her head and front two legs and she seemed to be in much less pain. One night when I got home, Molly was hungry. I went into the kitchen to find her something to eat. She kept meowing for dinner and when I came back into the bedroom with her dinner she sat up and was waiting for me in that position. I could hardly believe my eyes. I immediately got the camera, took a picture and sent it with a message to Sharon.

     Sharon has continued to work with Molly. Lately Molly started sitting up on her back legs about every other day and then about once a week she would raise up and take about two small steps on all fours. Molly is now walking across the floor every day. She gets up and walks two or three times every day.

     She is slowly building her muscles back up. She has been an incredible friend and inspiration for me. She is very patient with me and we have gotten good at mentally talking to each other. In communication with Sharon, She has transformed from the little scared cat that lived outside and wouldn't let any human come close to her into a loving companion - and she is so brave so inspirational. I am so thankful for Sharon's help and for her special love and care of me and Molly and for the help she continues to give us.

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