Anaflora offers flower essence formulas custom blended by Sharon Callahan specifically for your animal companion from an array of hundreds of essences that she makes herself specifically for animals. You can also select your own essence combination from the Anaflora flower essence list available from Anaflora. For a more in depth description of the essences order the BOOK: FLOWER ESSENCES FOR ANIMALS by Sharon Callahan.

     To order a formula custom blended by Sharon for your animal friend send a photo of the animal along with a brief description of the imbalance being treated to:

P.O. BOX 1056
MT. SHASTA, CA 96067

     Sharon will use the photo that you send to do a brief attunement to the animal and then select the appropriate essence combination based on her intuitive impressions. You will be sent a list of the essences selected.

     The cost of a custom blend with a photo sent ahead is $30.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling and can be paid by personal check, Master Card or Visa. Please send a photo that we can keep on file for future reference. A color photo copy works nicely.

     You might consider ordering a special telepathy blend for the two of you, in which case you might want to send along a photo of yourself, too!

     A blend (up to seven essence) of your own choosing is $28.95 plus $5.00 Shipping and handling and can be paid by personal check, Master Car, Visa or online

     Each custom ordered formula comes in a beautiful flowered pouch.

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