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Sacred Benediction Oil . . . Anointing Oil to Assist in Life Transitions. This oil has been formulated for topical use only and may be used as companions to the corresponding Flower Essenc eformula such as Transition Formula, Spay and Neuter Formula, Forgiveness Formula, Christ Consciousness Formula and Buddha Nature Formula.. It is especially appropriate for the transition we call death,
which is actually birth into Spirit. As you will read below it can also be used for other life transitons.
For the Death Transition To anoint and bless an animalís body prior to, during, and after death. This sacred oil has been prepared and conferred with special blessings and contains an exquisite blend of flower essences to assist the animalís soul in moving forward on its journey unencumbered. Through the use of this oil, karmic patterns can be released that block the soulís natural unfoldment. The selection of ingredients in the Benediction Oil have a special significance for Animals. The vibrational qualities of this blend of flower essences harmonize to insure that the highest potential is attained during this life transition. Instructions: Anointing the animal on the crown chakra, at the top of the head, encourages the soul to exit the body freely, without hesitation or fear. All beings present may be anointed as a gesture of cooperation and encouragement. Place a drop of oil on the forefinger and touch the animalís crown chakra and heart. 
Spay & Neuter Use of Benediction Oil identifies this first (in most cases) surgery as a rite of passage and decreases fear around future surgeries. Approaching this process as a spiritual event promotes a deeper emotional bond between you and your animal companion and may become one of the most profound elements in your relationship to the animal, ultimately elevating the highest aspects of love. Instructions : Anointing the animal on the brow and heart chakras , encourages an alchemical process which supports release of sexual energy to its highest form.

Forgiveness . . . 
. . . Benediction/Anointing Oil can be used as a general sacrament of forgiveness between the human and non-human animal kingdoms or to specifically heal and release real or perceived harm done to an individual animal. If you feel you have harmed your animal friend through neglect, abuse, impatience or for any other reason sit quietly with the animal in a meditative or prayerful disposition. Anoint your forehead and heart with a drop of Forgiveness Oil from the tip of your finger. In turn anoint the forehead and heart of your animal companion in the same way. Sit quietly with the animal letting her know that to the best of your ability, from this moment forward you will not harm her by word, action or deed.
To use the Forgiveness oil as a general sacrament of forgiveness between species have your animal companion act as the representative for all animals who have ever been harmed by human beings. Anoint yourself and the animal as described above. Offer your prayers and loving thought for the upliftment of all animals and our relationship with them. This process can be repeated whenever and as often as you feel to do so.

Christ Consciousness . . . Buddha Nature Animals naturally resonate with the Christ energy also know as the Buddha (Awakened One) within. But just as we do they often get caught up in the anxieties of daily life and benefit from a reminder of higher consciousness. This is a wonderful anointing oil for newborns, and any time you wish a deeper more spiritual bond between you and your animal companion. A great facilitator of telepathic communication. Instructions: For daily use anoint the animal at the heart and crown. For a deeper bonding, anoint yourself and the animal daily. Particularly wonderful when meditating with your animal frineds. One drop on the tip of the finger and touched to the animal's body and one drop touched to your own body.

Assisi Formula
. . .
Attunes animals and people to the healing energies of St. Francis. Promotes healing and enhances communication between species.

Fear Aggression . . . To calm and soothe any animal which is displaying too much aggression towards other animals or peopleÖand the fear that lies beneath such behavior.

Separation Anxiety . . . For animals who are fearful of being separated from their human or animal companion. Attunes the animal to the all pervasiveness of Divine Love.

Freedom . . . For releasing into the wild an animal cared for by human beings. Helps the animal re-acclimate to instincts that may have been lost.

Captivity . . . Calming and soothing for the wild animal that must be confined temporarily for medical treatment or relocation.

Holy Motherís Care . . . For animals who have experienced lack of mothering due to early weaning or neglect. Infuses the soul with the energies of the Divine Mary.

Open to Receive . . . Offers immediate blessings of Divine Energy as well as preparing the animal to receive the benefits of healing modalities without fear or holding.

Transition . . . For the old or sick animal approaching death. Eases fear and offers a connection to the heavenly realms. 
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