"Sharon Callahan has been working with us for almost a decade in the clinical application of Anaflora flower essences to heal a variety of emotional and physical problems in companion animals. We've been using the Anaflora flower essences with outstanding results. They complement holistic veterinary medicine so well, are inexpensive, completely harmless and without side effects. We include Anaflora flower essence formulas as a regular part of our holistic health care regimen for the animals brought to our clinic. "

Bob Goldstein, VMD - Susan J. Goldstein, Animal Well Being 

The Original Flower Essences Made
Specifically for Animals
Tested and Proven Effective With Animals Worldwide.

     Animals today, even those cared for deeply in the best of homes are greatly challenged as they attempt to attune themselves to new and accelerated patterns of growth and behavior in humans. The resulting emotional and mental stress on the animal can lead to a wide range of emotional difficulties, and troublesome behaviors. Anaflora flower essences and flower essence formulas specifically address the needs of animals in today's world. Both wild animals and companion animals respond remarkably well to Anaflora flower essences. As well as addressing emotional upsets and the often resultant physical ailments, Anaflora flower essences may be used to achieve deeper states of bonding and communication with an animal.

     Sharon Callahan, co-creator with nature of the Anaflora flower essence therapy for animals is an internationally recognized animal communication specialist and leading pioneer in the treatment of animals with flower essences. Her books on the topic are the first in their field. More about Sharon Callahan. Sharon's lifetime of work with animals and her love for them led her to develop the first flower essences made and combined specifically for animals and their needs. Sharon's work in the fields of animal communication and flower essence therapy has gained the respect of animal health care professionals and flower essence professionals throughout the world. Anaflora flower essences for animals have gained a reputation of excellence and have been used by veterinarians and animal health care professionals for many years.

     Through her ability to communicate with animals Sharon has gained valuable insights into the effects of flower essences on the bodies, minds, emotions and souls of animals. These insights have proven very useful in the selection of the essences that are included in each of the Anaflora formulas. Sharon works closely with veterinarians and other animal health care professionals as well as sanctuaries and shelters combining their observations about the effects of the Anaflora essences with her own research which will be published in an upcoming book. Sharon makes each Anaflora essence herself and continues to make and test many new essences each year.

What is a Flower Essence?

     Flower essences are non-aromatic vibrational tinctures made from the blossoms of flowering plants. Each plant, (the flower being the most potent part of the plant) has unique and individual healing properties. In the making of a flower essence the healing properties of the plant are transferred to water by a process of sunlight infusion. The resulting "essence" can then be ingested, rubbed on the skin or sprayed in the atmosphere around the animal being treated.

Flower essences are used to restore equipoise to any animal that has become un-balanced. When introduced into the system, flower essences have the ability to release past and present fears, anxieties and traumas. Thus released, the animal's soul is able to express its full potential.

For more detailed information on flower essences see the Articles pages.

Flower Essence Formulas

     Anaflora offers thirty-two flower essence formulas that address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of animals. Each formula comes packaged in a one-ounce (30ml) cobalt blue dropper bottle with a beautiful St. Francis label. All Anaflora flower essence formulas have been tested and proven effective with animals world wide. Essences Formula Price: $14.95.

     For a listing of the Anaflora flower essence formulas, along with a brief description of their application to animals see the web page Anaflora Flower Essence Formulas A more complete listing of the Anaflora flower essence formulas with definitions specifically for use with animals, is available in the book: Flower Essence Therapy for Animals by Sharon Callahan, $14.95. Book: Flower Essence Therapy for Animals Or to order, see the order form To Order for shipping and handling charges.

Individual Flower Essences

      Anaflora offers one hundred and eighteen individual stock potency flower essences made and defined specifically for animals. Each essence comes packaged in a one-ounce (30ml) cobalt blue dropper bottle with a beautiful St. Francis label. $11.95 each.

     For a listing of the individual essences offered along with a brief description of their application to animals please see the web page, Individual Flower Essences. For a complete listing of individual stock essences with definitions for animals order the book: Flower Essences for Animals by Sharon Callahan, $14.95.Book: Flower Essences for Animals. Or to order, see the order form To Order for shipping and handling charges.

Consultations and Custom Formulas

     Consultations and flower essence formulas customized for the particular needs of your animal companion can be arranged by calling the Anaflora office at the numbers given below, or see the web page, To Make an Appointment with Sharon Callahan

Animal Communication

     Sharon offers private telepathic animal communication sessions during which she connects with the soul of your animal offering diagnostic insight, guidance and inspiration. During a session, Sharon will take an in-depth history of your animal discussing any behavior or health concerns that currently exist. She will telepathically communicate with your animal to gain insight from the animal himself.

     In communication with the animal, Sharon is often able to resolve the current situation and reveal valuable insight into areas in which unfoldment may be blocked for both the animal and guardian. From the information received, a customized flower essence formula will often be prescribed to support resolution of the current situation.

What is Special About Anaflora?


Anaflora Bottling Room

Anaflora is a unique system of healing developed exclusively for the animal kingdom. All Anaflora flower essences are prepared by Sharon Callahan from flowers gathered from pristine alpine locations on and around Mt. Shasta in Northern California.

Sharon prepares each formula, stock essence and custom formula herself in a meditative atmosphere, thus assuring the vibrational quality of the essences from first contact with the flowers in nature, through the entire essence preparation and formulation process.

Intent is an important component of any healing modality. At Anaflora, each flower essence is made with the sole purpose of healing animals and promoting the healing of the human-animal relationship. This intent permeates the entire Anaflora process from beginning to end.

Sharon says:
"Mt. Shasta where I make the Anaflora flower essences is known world-wide for the purity of its air and water and is one of the sacred mountains of the world. The flowers that grow on and around Mt. Shasta are of a very high vibrational quality. This is not only due to the purity of the air and water, but also to the particular spiritual vibration emanating from the mountain itself. The essence of Mt. Shasta combines with the essence if the flowers intensifying and spiritualizing their effects.

Flowers are gathered from pristine alpine locations and prepared with the greatest lone and reverence for the environment. No plants are destroyed in the essence making process and no endangered flowers, or flowers from environmentally fragile locations are used. Most 'mother tinctures' are made only once in my lifetime."

Healing the Relationship
Between Human Beings and Animals

     The healing of the relationship between human beings and animals on both a personal and planetary level is an area in which flower essences are the most profoundly useful. With sensitively chosen flower essences and flower essence formulas, animals are released from present suffering and abuse and released as well from abuses that have been accumulating for centuries. Because flower essences are vibrational in nature, they operate on a level that is not limited to the present. The soul of the flower touches the soul of the animal and the soul of the human being. A healing then occurs that transcends space and time. Old scars and wounds heal, oppression is lifted, guilt is relieved and equanimity is restored to all concerned.

Flower Essence Therapy

     All Anaflora flower essences and flower essence formulas address the healing of the human-animal bond. This is the very reason Anaflora came into being in the first place. Flower Essence Therapy offers us the perfect tool for repairing the damage done to our relationship with animals throughout history. The flowers themselves offer their healing essences for this very purpose. The redemption of the animal-human bond is at the forefront of the emerging evolution of Consciousness and the emerging awareness of the interconnectedness of all aspects of existence. This expanded consciousness awareness will lay the groundwork for all that is to come. We must heal the Earth, her animals, plants and ourselves. It is the first step.


     Flowers offer positive qualities and virtues to the soul of any being. They are prayers from heaven. Faith, hope, charity, forgiveness, purity, mercy; all of the Divine qualities are represented. Flower essences offer the soul release from all that is not of light and love and allow the emerging of new levels of trust. This requires great responsibility on our part. We must be worthy of the trust of the animals. Take flower essences with your animal companion for the best results. Each time you use a flower essence, offer it as a token of healing for all animals everywhere. Each time you give a flower essence to an animal and that animal is healed, to some degree the healing is transferred to the soul of all animals.

Flower Essence Formulas and 
Individual Flower Essences

     The Anaflora Return to Joy Formula, Recovery Remedy, Feral Cat Comforter, Christ Consciousness Formula, Expanded States Formula, Transition Formula and single flower essences such as Bleeding Heart, Hearts Ease, Shasta Lily, Lotus, Hyssop and Elk's Lip offer tremendous healing for animals and people who love them. These essences and essence formulas act as a Sacrament of forgiveness between species. Contact Anaflora at the address below for a complete listing of formulas and single essences and to order the books: Flower Essence Therapy For Animals and Flower Essences For Animals by Sharon Callahan. These books offer insight into the divine relationship possible between animals and humans.

Clinical Tests

     Clinical observations of the effects of the Anaflora essence formulas have shown them to have positive and often transformative effects on animals. For more detailed information on transformative effects see the case studies pages and the articles pages. For comments on veterinary usage of Anaflora essences see the articles pages under Bob Goldstein, VMD. For the effects of Anaflora on feral cats see the article The Killer Becomes a Pussycat.

     "Sharon has been working with us the last two and a half years in the clinical application of Anaflora flower essences to heal a variety of emotional and physical problems in companion animals. We are now including the Anaflora flower essence formulas as a regular part of our holistic health care regimen for the animals brought to our clinic. We are continually impressed by Sharon's creativity, compassion and intuitive brilliance."
Bob Goldstein, VMD Northern Skys Veterinary Clinic Westport, CT

     " The girls (female Asian Elephants) have been taking Anaflora flower essences for over three years. The changes have been phenomenal."
Carol Buckley founder and manager of the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN

     "Some of the feral cats now roll over and let me pet them when I bring their food in each day."
Kristi Littrel, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Knab, UT

Animals and The People Who Love Them

     "My cat Rose was rescued as a kitten from a very abusive situation. Although I have had her in my loving care for six years she had remained terrorized by the slightest noise or sudden movement. Thanks to the Anaflora Return to Joy flower essences she is finally free of fear and able to live a normal, peaceful life."  
V.N. Greensboro, NC

     "We had thought Barbara, [an Asian elephant retired from the circus at 24 years of age] was mute, perhaps as a result of being dragged by her neck away from her elephant family at two years of age. After a week on the Anaflora Return to Joy Formula, she trumpeted for the first time in her life. It seems she was silenced all of these years by grief!" 
C.B. Hohenwald, TN

     "I have been using the Anaflora Feral Cat Comforter and Return to Joy formulas with some wild cats that were born under my porch. As you suggested, I say a prayer for the well being of all homeless cats each time I give the essences to 'my' cats. They do not run away in fear each time they see me as they did before, and one of them even lets me touch her now. Thank you so much for your guidance and for your wonderful flower essences for animals." 
A.S. Mill Valley, CA



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