Anaflora Flower Essences have been used successfully with animal species as diverse as Elephants and Insects

Divinely Inspired

The seed of Anaflora was planted during a near death experience in which Sharon saw her future self preparing healing tinctures for animals from the flowers of Mt. Shasta. Throughout the months and years that followed the details became clear in dreams and during meditations. The fruits of this experience are the Anaflora flower essences for animals. 

Clinically Tested

Although divinely inspired, each Anaflora flower essence formulas has proven itself effective in clinical trials and through years of successful treatment of animals world wide. Anaflora flower essence formulas are now endorsed and used by veterinarians . . .A perfect merging of science and spirit!

Sacred Mt. Shasta 

Mt. Shasta, the home of Anaflora, is known world wide for the purity of its air and water and is considered one of the world’s sacred mountains. The energy of Mt. Shasta combines with the energy of the flowers intensifying and spiritualizing their effects.

Made With Respect For Nature

Anaflora essences are made with great respect for Mt. Shasta and her fragile sacred landscape. No plants are harmed during the essence making process and none are made in environmentally fragile locations.

Sharon Prepares Each Essence

Sharon prepares each of the Anaflora essences herself, saying prayers for animals and meditating on the healing of the animal/human bond during the essence making process.

How Anaflora Flower Essences Are Made.

The flowers are floated on the surface of a bowl of spring water and left in the sun for three hours. During this time the vibrational imprint of the flower is transferred to the water which is then preserved and stored for future use.

Lily Helps

Sharon’s cat companion Lily is active in all phases of the work of Anaflora. She often stays very near the bowl of flowers during the essence making process and knows exactly when the essence transfer is complete. 

Marsh Marigold

Marsh Marigold offers a merging with the sacredness of undefiled nature. Essence of Marsh Marigold is wonderful for animals confined to artificial environments. It is an aid in telepathic communication as it facilitates an understanding of the spiritual purpose of each species of animal and each individual animal.

Shasta Lily

Shasta Lily has exceptional healing benefits for any animal that has lacked adequate nurturing. It carries the vibration of compassion, nurturance and transcendence. It bring comfort to animals who have been abused, neglected or separated from their mothers too early. It is helpful for feral animals and animals exhibiting fear aggression. 


When an animal becomes easily overwhelmed by life's sensorial aspects and is depressed, confused, and easily over-stimulated, try Broadleaf Lupine. This essence promotes calmness and connection with higher purpose. Broadleaf Lupine is a good choice for animals who tend to roam far from home. It is also wonderful for the hyperactive animal, the animal suffering from separation anxiety and for animals who are difficult to handle during obedience training.

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