Over the years many Anaflora customers have reported wonderfully calming results using Anaflora Return to Joy and Recovery Formulas together when their animals have suffered from situations of stress and trauma. Many children have been reported as being helped by this combination as well. One little girl reported that the formula protected her from bad dreams. She calls it “angel spray.”

     Emotional Balancing & Healing Spray for Animals contains the ingredients found in Anaflora’s Return To Joy and Recovery Formulas plus a few extras and healing water from sacred sites around the world. These essences are combined into one easy to use spray formula for cuts, abrasions, rashes, injuries and emotional upsets of all kinds. 

     Emotional Balancing & Healing Spray for Animals contains: Alfalfa, Arnica, Bleeding Heart, Castle Lake Azalea, Clematis, Comfrey, Echinacea, Heat’s Ease, Hyssop, Lady’s Slipper, Morning glory, Red Clover, St. John’s Wort, Self Heal, Shasta Lily, Shooting Star and Wild Rose.

     In addition to the flower essences listed above, Emotional Balancing and Healing Spray for Animals contains holy water from Chalice Well at Glastonbury, England, sacred water from India, and sacred spring water from Panther Spring and Squaw Spring on Mt. Shasta in Northern California.

     In stressful situations we highly recommend that you use the Emotional Balancing and Healing Spray along with your animal friend. In this way you will diminish the transfer of anxiety and stress between the two of you and more quickly restore balance.

Anaflora's Emotional Balancing & Healing Spray for Animals:

-can be applied lightly to wounds and other injuries.

-sprayed around the head and heart for clearing emotional shock and trauma.

-misted inside crates, carriers, horse trailers, animal bedding, bird cages and in the car when travelling.

-an easy to us all purpose emergency spray made especially for animals although great for children too.

     Emotional Balancing & Healing Spray for Animals comes in a two ounce cobalt blue bottle with a beautiful label and a spray top.

     Emotional Balancing & Healing Spray for Animals is compatible with all other Anaflora Flower Essences and Flower Essence Formulas, especially the Relocation Formula, Calm Kitty, Good Dog and Special Stress Formulas.

When ordered alone $6.00 Shipping

On the East Coast, Anaflora products can be ordered from:
Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein’s Earth Animal Store (203) 222-0260


     "My new kitten was so frightened she spent her entire first month with us hiding under a bed. When I did see her fleetingly she would spend much of her time scratching herself furiously. I am happy to report that since using your Emotional Balancing and Healing Spray she has been transformed. She has come out from under the bed, is joining the family for the first time and is not scratching herself any longer. She must have been scratching herself from nervousness! Thank you for a wonderful product."

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