We do not recommend putting any kind of foreign substance in small fish bowls or aquariums. Fish are very delicate and it is very easy to disrupt their fragile environment. Many Anaflora clients have reported having very good results simply placing the flower essence bottle near the fish tank or bowl. Others have reported resting a small bowl that contains flower essences near, and slightly above, the fish bowl or aquarium where the water containing the essences can evaporate slowly over time.

     For outdoor pond fish (koi), follow the dilution instructions above. Use a bottle with a spray top and lightly mist the air over the water once weekly.

     Because fish are delicate and very vibrationally sensitive they respond positively to our intentions to help them and to heal them. Placing essences and other sacred objects within their view is often all that is necessary. Use the prayer below when healing fish for rapid positive results.

     For those wanting to experiment with adding essences directly to an indoor fish tank or bowl contact us and we will give you special instructions.

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