Since flower essences are vibrational in nature, their effectiveness is not dependent on quantity and it is not necessary to give much more of an essence or essence formula to an elephant than you would to a house cat!

     Larger animals usually receive less attention and affection than more diminutive companion animals. For this reason we feel that your intimate attention to larger animals during treatment with flower essences is a powerful component in the healing process.

     For horses, cows and other large animals, put a few drops of the essence on a piece of carrot or other "goodie" and offer directly to the animal. In this way the animal being treated has the benefit of your focused attention and love which is always superior to the less personal act of putting the essences in the animals water source. You can of course do both. Give the essences directly, as well as adding them to the animal's water source.

     To understand how important special attention and prayers are to the healing of an animal think of it this way: If you were in a state of ill health or emotional upset, would you benefit more from medicines mixed into your food and water, or medicines lovingly handed to you with a prayer and good wishes?

     When adding essences to an animals water, it is best to use a half filled (or less) bucket, so that you know the animal is getting a good fresh "dose" of the essence. One dropper-full is most commonly used, although it is our experience that much less will suffice. Use your intuition.

     In treating elephants with Anaflora flower essences, we administer the essences with a spray bottle (4 oz elephant size). The essences are sprayed directly onto the elephant's tongues which they readily stick out in anticipation of their flower essences! This spraying method is worthwhile trying with any large animal.

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