General Information:

     When administering flower essences to birds, the essences should be diluted irregardless of the stabilizer used. Birds are very sensitive and etheric and most essences and stabilizers as they come from the bottle are too strong for their delicate systems. Veterinarians and bird rehabilitation specialists find that by diluting the essences you not only make them safe for a birds delicate system but they actually have a more potent healing and emotional balancing effect on birds when diluted. Some avian specialists find flower essences the most powerful when diluted to homeopathic potencies. 

Instructions for Dilution:

     Take a second one ounce bottle (an empty can be ordered from us) or some other small glass container or jar of about one ounce capacity and fill with distilled water. To this second one ounce bottle add three drops of the original Anaflora formula of your choice. Shake several times and use  this second bottle to administer the essences to you avian friend. The most effective method of administration is to simply put two drops of the second dilution into the birds water daily.

     Your second bottle should be refrigerated when not being used and discarded every two weeks. Since you are only using a few drops of the essences they will last a long time even though you are discarding them periodically. If you give the essences directly, and the dropper comes in contact with the birdís beak or tongue the essences should be discarded every few days as they will loose their potency.

     Many people with avian companions will place a bowl of water to which the essences have been added near the birds cage and get wonderful results simply allowing the water with the essences to evaporate into the atmosphere. If you have a fountain in your home essences can be added to the fountain water and will evaporate the same way. When using the evaporation method you can us the essences full strength 3-5 drops to a small bowl of water or small fountain.

     Spray tops can be ordered which allow you to lightly mist the atmosphere. This is another effective way to administer essence to birds. Use your second dilution bottle to mist the environment.

     Anaflora Flower Essence Therapy for Animals has been used with often times transformative results by avian veterinarians and wild bird rehabilitation specialists for many years.

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